You Can’t See Me

I’ll add a photo later for effect, but use your imagination.

Update: Staged Photo


Last night we were watching the Royals when Miss 2 appeared for the 327th time. I put her back in her bed. Again. And again.

Miss 11 was up watching with us, and we put her on toddler duty (mostly because we were both quite frustrated by this point).

Up again, we didn’t even look at her. Just said, “A, it’s your turn.”

A starts giggling. (not helpful)

But then I look, and I start giggling. (not helpful)

Miss 2 had walked into the room and was just standing there with her hands over her eyes, as if by doing that, we couldn’t see her.

Yeah. That didn’t work.

That child tests my patience and keeps my funny bone in shape.


  1. She’s definitely in the throes of the “terrible 2s”. Do you think any of it has to do with not being the baby anymore? I don’t remember Mr 4 being so “2-ish”. At least she makes you laugh! And how can you stay mad at that face for very long. 🙂 She’ll probably take a good nap today – but hopefully not TOO good so you don’t have a repeat performance tonight.

    • This is ALL because of the big girl bed transition we did a couple weeks ago. We have excellent nights, and then we have nights where we enjoy and test the freedom of getting out of bed. And boundaries. She’s testing those bedtime boundaries to the max.

      Also, this is a good reminder that I don’t often tell *these* stories. With six kiddos, I have plenty of them!

  2. That reminded me of when my son was 3. He was in a wedding and at the last minute changed his mind about going down the aisle. Too many people. As his sister started going down the aisle he changed his mind again. He took sissy’s hand and put the other over his eyes. He spent most of the service with his eyes closed or his hands over his eyes. He only stole the show a little bit.

  3. At least the Royals won! 🙂

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