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A Fresh Start ~  from AmysFinerThings.com

The speed of email and instant messages is pretty alluring.  It’s convenient.  I use it and I like it. If I had the opportunity, I think I’d even enjoy texting.  But you know what I miss?

The written word.  Unique handwriting on paper.  Doodles.   Cards in the mail just because.

This year I want to write more.

In order to make it happen, it can’t be a burden.  Writing doesn’t have to be time consuming, and you don’t always even need a stamp.  Some of the most important people in my life, the ones who deserve my handwriting, live right under my own roof.

Ideas for the written word.

  • Keep post-it notes handy to tag on pillows, back packs, and tuck into wallets.
  • A variety of pen colors is fun, and who says you need a pen, anyway?  Lipstick writes well on a mirror… 😉
  • Mail one card or letter (it can be short!) of encouragement each week.  Or month.  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like receiving personal mail.
  • Share a mother/daughter journal or journal with your spouse.  One person writes a note and leaves the journal for the other person to find.  Take turns passing the journal back and forth.
  • Bring back the thank you note!  (PS ~ My kids have their Christmas thank yous written.  I found them when I cleaned my “pile” table the other day.  Oy!)
  • Invest in a set of sympathy cards and maybe even some care/concern cards (DaySpring has beautiful sets on clearance ~ 12 cards for $2.49) so you’re prepared when a need arises.  I know if I don’t have something on hand and have to put it on a list for “later”, later may never happen.
  • Tuck a fun card under a friends’ windshield wiper.

Dayspring Cards

Technology is a fascinating tool, but it cannot replace the power of the written word.   Do you have any desire to write more this year?  How will you make it happen?

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  1. This was something I needed to read today! I can be so bad about it.
    Another idea for anyone who is a teacher: I used to sneak random “good” notes into my students’ folders. They loved it when I told them what I loved about them or when I praised them for being a good friend or overcoming an obstacle. They never knew when one would appear and it was a good reminder for me to always look for the good in each one of them.

  2. I think this is SO important. Honestly, sometimes it’s disheartening to write cards and thank yous and receive so very few. It makes me question if it’s really worth the effort. (Not that I’m doing this for the reciprocation, but, you know what I mean.) But then I see my children putting pen to paper and writing thank yous, thinking of yous, and sympathy notes all on their own. Ah, yes… THAT’S why I’m doing this. 🙂

    • Ah, yes. And MY children need to see that their efforts are worth it. As in… their mother needs to get those notes mailed! {blush}

  3. I think writing personal notes is extremely important. i work full time, but i make lunches for my family every day, and they all, hubby”s included, go with a quick handwritten note from me. Let your loved ones know they are the most important people in your life. Plus, my father and I have sent handwritten letters back and forth weekly for many years. The power of the written word is mighty!!! Love this post!!!

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