Wrap it Up {Finer Things Friday}

No need to wax eloquent about this one.  I think all you busy moms will appreciate the scenario.  My aunt (who doubles as my godmother) came over and wrapped all of my Christmas presents for me today, just because she enjoys wrapping that. much!

She wrapped while I wrote out tags, managed my “who gets what” list (remember, we buy for 18 nieces and nephews), and hauled the little helper off of the table 432 times.  😉

Having most of my gifts wrapped more than a week before Christmas?  Definitely a Finer Thing!  Having them wrapped by someone else?  Even Finer!  What Finer Things are you celebrating this week?  Link up and let us know!

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  1. Will you loan me your aunt for an afternoon??? =)

  2. Your post made me miss my fun and slightly nutty Aunt Mary. It’s hard to be 1000 miles away from family this time of year:(

  3. How much does she charge for that service? I could really use some help too. I hate wrapping presents! 😛

  4. Oh my! I think I would cry out of sheer relief if someone came to my door and offered to wrap my presents! Your aunt is a precious person!!

  5. Oooh, that sounds absolutely wonderful. I would also like to know what you aunt would charge. While I love wrapping presents, working with little sleep.due to a nursing infant makes it tough. I am glad I have been wrapping a few presents a week since Halloween.

  6. That is DEFINITELY a finer thing. Speaking of, can I borrow your aunt? My wrapping skills are severely lacking.
    I’ve linked up a list of frugal stocking stuffers…..because getting the job done without breaking the bank is a finer thing. 🙂

  7. This might sound horrible to some parents, but when I was little, my sister and I loved wrapping gifts so much that my parents would have us wrap 98% of the Christmas gifts. Yes, even our own. We would each set up a “wrapping station” behind the recliners (on opposite sides of the room) complete with tape, paper, bows and tags. My parents’ and extended family’s presents weren’t in gift boxes so we could decide how best to wrap them. My sister would wrap my gifts and I would wrap hers but each one was already taped shut in a box so we couldn’t peek and spoil the surprise. My mom would use the time to finish some household chores or even have a few quiet moments to herself during a very busy time of year. I’m 30 now and my dad will still hand me a roll of paper and tape to wrap mom’s gifts after we arrive in town for the holidays. I still love doing it.

  8. Having your presents wrapped already is CERTAINLY a finer thing!! I am proud that I actually got an opportunity (ahem, MADE an opportunity) to take time to craft with my Mom this weekend while she visited with us – that’s what I linked to the party – our Felt Christmas Tree – such good memories!

  9. Wow! I’m super impressed that she came over and wrapped all of your gifts! What a wonderful gift!

  10. I am sorry, I wanted to post up this gorgeous fabric gift bag tutorial by Carrie Scoville on Natural Mothers Network, but only the network name was posted. My mistake! Anyway, this brilliant little ‘how to’ is beautifully laid out and gives you step by step image-led instructions on how to create these fine bags to put your handmade gifts inside.
    Do take a look under Natural Mothers Network.# 31 in the linky above!


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