Win an 8×8 Hardcover Shutterfly Photo Book

Friends, it turns out I am that mom.  You know the one.  I’m the mom who p’shawed at well-meaning, experienced moms when they told me that the first-born has all the photos and albums, the second has a few, and after that?  Forgetaboutit.  

(Please excuse the dust.)

Those albums up there?  I made them all… before 2007.  Problem is, I’ve had three children since then. 


My 2-year-old likes to pull the “books” off the shelf, look through them, and point himself out.  Only, um, he was born in 2010.  We just go with it.  😉

This Christmas I’d like to throw together a quick Shutterfly photo book just for him, complete with all the crazy things he says.  Don’t you just love 2-year-olds?!

Shutterfly Photo Books: The Best Gift Ever

If you think a digital photo book would be the best gift ever for a special someone on your Christmas list, you’re in luck!  I’ve got a FREE 8×8 hardcover Shutterfly photo book to give away to two of my readers.  Simply leave a comment to enter.  (If you’d like, tell me who you’ll make the book for, or tell me which scene in the above video made you pull out the tissues. 😉  )

Giveaway ends Saturday, December 8.  Two winners will be randomly chosen and notified by email.  Winner codes will expire on 12/31.  Shipping not included.



  1. I’d definitely like to make a book of pictures from my son’s first few months of life. We don’t have nearly enough pictures of him as it is and we’ve printed exactly zero of them. We usually print books for relatives as Christmas gifts this time of year, but there is never enough left in the budget to but ourselves one.

  2. I’ve done this with our first two girls’ “first year” (in lieu of a baby book/scrapbook) and am “scheduled” to do the same for our third…but I’ve been procrastinating!

  3. Hmm…yes, a baby book for a my fifth child, a wonderful girl that will be 12 in three weeks. Great idea, Amy!

  4. Alana Friedrich says:

    Love to win one! We do a photo book for both sets of our parents every year for Christmas!

  5. I’d like to make a book for my friend, Elizabeth. In 2012 both her mother and father passed away (on separate occasions and both unexpectedly- my friend is only 28), and she also found out that she is expecting quite recently. I’d like to make her a book about her mother and father so that she can use someday to “introduce” her kids to their grandparents. I’m in another country, but can order this online and have it sent to her. I think it would bless her immensely!

  6. I need to get working on my second sons “first year” photo book!

  7. I would make one for oldest daughter actually. I did make one for my second child but have never made one for my first….crazy I know!

  8. I’d love to win one…I’d make one for my family about the fun things we did in 2012.

  9. I love Shutterfly. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. we have two shutterfly books…ironically, they’re for my second and third born. i made a homemade scrapbook for my first born, but i think she’d like to have a “regular” book. we’ve done a first year book for each of the kids. we also moved overseas over a year ago and i’d love to have a book for each year we’re overseas.

  11. Cindy1655 says:

    I’d like to make a collage of my 3 grandsons’ photos just for our family to enjoy i print form. Thank you for this offer!

  12. I have made one so far and it has gotten rave reviews. In the process of making more ! Thanks for the giveaway

  13. I’d love to make one for me, my baby, and/or grandparents too!

  14. Julie Hall says:

    I would make one for Grandparents about the girls over the past year. They live out of town and don’t get to see them very often.

  15. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  16. I can see this for my friend (I’m the ‘other mother’ to her and her siblings) who has 4 of the most adorable kids I know (other than my own at their age, naturally).

  17. Stephanie says:

    I would definatly make a book for my 3rd child. I am like you. My first daughter got a 2 book series for her 1st year (I must have scrap booked EVERY.SINGLE. picture I took of that child!) then made one book for her 2nd year. Then my son came along and I scrambled to get his first year done by his 1st birthday and then no more. My third child has nothing done and she’s going to be 2 in April. Thankfully I have taken a lot of pictures of her but I would love to get them into a book.

  18. I’ve NEVER made a scrapbook for my children – argh!
    Maybe this would be a kick in the pants to actually do one.
    Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  19. I’d love to give our daughter a photo book of her wedding on 11-10-12!

  20. We love Shutterfly books! 🙂 I try to get one each year with highlights of our family time.

  21. You’re right…baby #1 has all the pictures. The others could use some nice pictures too 🙂

  22. I was planning to make a picture book for my in laws for Christmas Mathis would be perfect!

  23. Kim pollock says:

    I was wanting one of these to put all our Christmas pics in for this year. Thanks for the chance!

  24. I’m working on catching up on albums with my family! Just made photo books for 2005-2007. I’d love to do another one. Pick me!

  25. i do the traditional scrapbooking, but i would like to try an online one either for my husband, or for my first son who we are expecting in 2 months. Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. I, too, have been a slacker and have not done too much for my youngest. I would love to make her a book before her sibling arrives in the spring and I get even further behind. 🙂

  27. No kids yet, but we’re approaching our 3 year anniversary and I need to scrapbook or put a coffee table book together of our wedding…I know, it won’t get any better once kids come into the picture! 🙂

  28. i would make the book for my mom and dad- pictures of them and our kids
    tcogbill at live dot com

  29. Sheree McKane says:

    I need to do my last vacations that was 3 years ago….

  30. Laura Miller says:

    This is so true for my family. My oldest daughter has 3 scrapbooks just for her, my middles baby book was finished right before my third was born and my third well forgetaboutit. I think I will make the book for her if I win.

  31. I make one “family” shutterfly book every year and print off two copies for each of my girls, a free one would be awesome!!! Thanks!

    • I think that’s what I need to start doing. I just don’t see scrapbooking for FIVE children anywhere in my immediate (or otherwise) future. 😉

  32. I need to make one of my 4-year-old son – poor boy doesn’t have one yet!

  33. Wendy Welch says:

    I would use this book to make for my 15 yr old. This was his first year as a starter on the Varsity Football team and he would love this season captured in a photo book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. I only have one child and I’m already falling behind. 🙂 I do have 18 months worth of pictures printed that I now need to put in albums. . .
    Love these photo books! They are a great idea for highlights and events. Not sure what I would put in this one if I won it – probably my daughter though.

  35. I have a 6 month old. All my pictures are on Facebook and my phone. I’d love to make an actual album of Aubree.

  36. I’m right there with you. My oldest loves looking at her scrapbooks. The middlest has one book. And the baby has nothing yet. So of course I’d do one for my little guy!

  37. I would make it for my husband with pictures of him and our kids together.

  38. My grandchildren are moving to Argentina in January and I’d love to make them a book to remember life here.

  39. I’d make one for my son about his first year. It’s funny, but we were big into pictures the first 6 months or so. After that, it waned. If God gives us more children, I can only imagine that they’ll just a photo or two.

  40. I’m certainly interested in this, we keep a yearly visual record of the fun we have had, and so this would be perfect!

  41. I’d really like to make one for my mom.

  42. I would love to win! Thank you!

  43. I would make this for my mother…she is big on pictures and making memories.

  44. I would probably make an album for my Boston Terrier puppy Layla. She was my first puppy ever. I’d like to use shutterfly, because I’m hoping to get pregnant in a few weeks and when the baby arrives I want to make a baby album online. :0)

  45. would love to win one!

  46. I would make one of our Disney Land trip:)

  47. So I haven’t even finished an album for my *first* child so I’d make it about her.

  48. I would make one for my little boy so that he can look at it for years to come and remember how much he was loved!

  49. I would make one for my mom, she loves pictures

  50. I’d use it for my 3-year-old’s baby pictures. I keep thinking I need to scrapbook his pictures but I just haven’t done it.

  51. Amanda Newton says:

    I would make one for my sister, all pics of she and my son.

  52. I like to use Shuttefly’s books to commemorate an event, like vacation or a birthday party

  53. Charlotte (Shay) Brewer says:

    I would love to make one for my 6 year old. Somehow he is the only one that doesn’t have at least one book that is just for him. Or maybe one for my mom of all the grandkids from this past year. Hmmmm….

  54. Melissa M. says:

    I would make a book for my 3rd child. Ironically my 1st, 2nd, and 4th have a book of their first year but my 3rd got missed somehow.

  55. My twins love to look at pictures of themselves (they are 2), as do most kids their age. I would make a book that is just for them.

  56. I love shutterfly books. I made one for each of the grand and great-grandparents last year of our two kiddos. Most of the great-grandparents live a great distance from us. I would love to do this again!

  57. I’m even worse than ‘that mom’….I scrapbooked 4 HUGE books of my nieces and nephew and then I got married and have had three babies of my own and have not. one. book. for any of those events/people. I’ve told my sister that I’ll give her the books of her kids from birth to age 4 or so and she needs to do mine! 🙂

  58. Oh, where to begin?!?

  59. We give photobooks to both sets of grandparents at Christmas, and I haven’t even started putting together the photos books we will give them this year yet!

  60. Kari VanNoy says:

    This would be perfect for the gift I’m working on for my Father-In-Law: he’s an architect and I’d love to put together a book of his work and accomplishments!

  61. I LOVE shutterfly! This wod be perfect, sine I’m making grandma and grandpa brag books this year as gifts!

  62. Love shutterfly. The book on the my to-do list is one of our vacation to Disney this fall (haven’t done my son’s third year yet either). I just think he’ll love looking at all those pics of him with his favorite characters and he and Dad on the rollercoaster and playing on the beach.

  63. I would make a book of my grandchildren and their current activities.

  64. Abigail Gunter says:

    My ambitious goal would be to make one for my oldest and then in the next few years try to make one for each of my other 3 children. 🙂

  65. I need to make albums for all three of the little guys we have through foster care. I have lots of pictures; I just need to get them scrapbooked, traditionally or digitally.

  66. I would love to make a book for my sister who is also my Daugther’s Godmother. She moved to Seattle a few years ago and always says she is missing out on her growing up. Thanks for the opportunity.

  67. I think I would save it for a gift!

  68. Amy Clark says:

    Ooh, Ooh! Pick me, pick me! I’m three years behind on photo books, too! With another baby on the way, I’m really hoping to catch up this spring. But if I won this one, I’d be forced to finish it in December!! Thanks for the chance!

  69. I would have to make a book for the 6 year old who is not happy about the lack of baby book for her….

  70. I would do one for my family as our last photo book featured Christmas 2009. Ahem.

  71. I was pregnant with my son in 2006-2007 and put together a pregnancy book, which has never been finished or purchased. I did make one book in 2007 of his first year, but then stopped. I’m clearly quite behind. I’d love to win and get going with the albums.

  72. I would give this to my mother in law. She now has 3 great great grandchildren and she doesn’t get to see them that often so I know that a book of their pictures would brighten her day.

  73. I made both my boys books about themselves when they were two. Now my daughter is two and I would love to give her a special book for Christmas. If only I could find the time to put it all together!

  74. I LOVE photo books! I used to scrapbook and would love to make some now that I have a baby, but photo books are just sooo much easier 🙂

  75. I’d use to document our family thus far, we have one on the way!

  76. I would make one for my parent’s .

  77. Well, I’m only a year behind! 🙂 It is tough to keep on top of. I would make a book for my daughter! Thanks for this great giveaway. Love Shutterfly!

  78. Oooh, I would love to win this. My mom passed away this year and I’d love to be able to make an album to remember her.

  79. I am terrible about doing anything w/ my photos. 🙁 Trying to get with it now 🙂 so I’d love to make one of 2012 Highlights of our year!

  80. The whole Grandma thing made me tear up! I helped raise my 5 y.o. grand-daughter from 9 mos. until 3 y.o. when her mom met and married her new guy. When they got their own place, my granddaughter and I missed all the things we used to do together…like story time, snuggling while mom was working, spending time together. I would put together a book for my sweet granddaughter and me.

  81. I made one of my son’s first year, so I would probably make a similar one for my daughter.

  82. I like giving thus to the grandparents.

  83. Maria perez says:

    I would make it of my 7 month and 20 month grand babies who are brothers.

  84. Nia Hanna says:

    My baby boy. I feel so bad that my first baby’s got the baby book. My youngest, not so much. I feel guilty about that one. Need to fix it soon!

  85. We could certainly use one of these. I make one each year for my kids’ artwork.

    • Artwork! Brilliant idea! I keep forgetting to take photos of all the school projects that come home before I pitch ’em.

  86. Mary Johnson says:

    Oh that video was sweet! I love to give photo books as gifts!

  87. Before our wedding ceremony this past March, my wife and I had a few minutes to exchange gifts. She presented me with a photo book of our journey so far–such an amazing gift! I would love to make it a yearly tradition..