Who Forgets to Eat the Bacon?!

Last Thursday a week of less than ideal sleep was catching up with me.  I woke up at my regular 6:00 time, but so did the 2yo, so my reading was short and we dove into the day, Mama a little grumpy and off kilter.

I stirred up a double batch of banana blueberry muffins and busied myself with breakfast and getting everyone off to school, then nursed the baby back down for a long morning nap.

After putting the last pan of 4 straggler muffins in the oven, I set to make my own breakfast.  Bacon.  Mama needs bacon!

I fried bacon and set it aside on a paper towel-lined plate.  Then I loaded my plate with fried eggs, muffins, and an orange and finally sat down to eat a quiet breakfast while catching up on some blog reading.

After a very satisfying meal, I took my plate to the kitchen, where I smelled them.


1.  Burned muffins, still in the oven, no timer set.


2.  Bacon.  My much anticipated bacon.  I forgot to eat the bacon!

You know it’s gonna be a long day when you forget to eat the bacon.  Who does that?!

It’s Monday morning now.  April 1st.  Time for some spring cleaning around here!  Anyone else spring cleaning this month?  Do you have a plan?


  1. I’ve definitely been there! I can’t tell you how many cups of coffee I have made, only to take a sip, then run off to take care of something, and find it sitting there cold four hours later.

    For us, this morning was one that was similar to a scenario you have blogged about in the past. Our weekend was busy, and this morning we find ourselves ready for some catching up on daily tasks, unpacking, straightening, and then we’ll be starting some spring cleaning.

  2. LOL! Don’t feel bad, I often leave my breakfast in the oven (not on) to keep it warm while helping everyone out the door, only to find it several days later! And it’s always something good like a egg, cheese and ham biscuit, ah!

    Yes, we cleaned out our workshop yesterday so Alec & the boys had room to make the door for our chicken coop! Chicks arrive in 2 weeks!

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