Where I Come From {Finer Things Friday}

You know those country songs that make you nostalgic for community and the good ol’ days?  Visions of a white gazebo in the town square, flags flying, neighbors dishing out homemade ice cream.  My life was that country song over the holiday weekend!

Sno cones at the park.

The dirt had to go somewhere when they dug the mud volleyball pits!


Watching the parade with my snackin’ buddy.


Antique tractors sputtering along, sign of days gone by.


“Grandpa” saw my kiddos playing on the playground and asked them if they would “help him out” and ride in the parade.  Why yes, they would!

Sack races.


Wheelbarrow races on crunchy grass.  (Please God, bring the rain!)


Ready to “throw candy at people” at the second parade of the weekend.


And she enjoyed every minute of it!

Three days.  Late nights.  Mud volleyball. Softball.  Hamburger feed.  Homemade ice cream and cake decorating.  Water games.  Other games.  Two parades. Fireworks. Hotdog cookout.  Patriotic songs blaring over main street sound systems.  Friends.  Busyness.  Bliss.

A Finer Things weekend, for sure!

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  1. I know I don’t comment very often, but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate your website, Amy. I know it will always be quality content and very often makes me think. You are a blessing to me, girl! I wanna meet you in the flesh sometime! 😉

  2. Awwww! Reminds me of my childhood! We live in a small town now…sort of. It’s too much of a burb to really have it’s own events like these…sure do miss the *really* small town livin’!

    • Hehe — People have NO IDEA unless they’ve experienced it first hand, right?! Don’t you just want to grab a few clueless friends and take them HOME for a weekend? Hey — there’s a B&B in YOUR tiny town. We should do that sometime! 🙂

  3. Now that looks like country fun. Wish my family was there, too

  4. I love your hometown stories! How lucky your children are to be growing up in a small town just like their mama.

  5. OK, so don’t laugh but when I read your description I was sitting here thinking wait a minute that sounds like my childhood. Seriously. The town closest to us has a lake, well did but thats a long story, with a gazeebo where flags were hung and the 4th of July festivities were held each year. And just this 4th of July while at my parents house their neighbors brought over homemade ice cream for us all. LOL The town isn’t nearly as small as it was, there has been a lot of growth but I had that childhood and it’s so nice to look back and have those memories.

  6. Wow, looks like y’all had a great time! I miss country living!

  7. Your kids are soooooo cute!

  8. Mud volleyball sounds just about perfect!

  9. What great photos! It looks like everyone had a fun day.

  10. Your title reminds me of my all time fav song by Kenny Chesney that talks about small town life 🙂 Add in a logging show and your small town celebration looks just like ours. Small town celebrations are a finer thing for sure!

  11. Looks like a fabulous way to spend one’s weekend – enjoy and thanks for hosting! 🙂


  12. That looks like a while lot of fun! We celebrate Canada here on July 1st and we also enjoyed a parade in our small town. They have floats and antique tractors and cars and I always like the sense of community when I attend events like these.


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