When Plan B Saves Supper

In the middle of a conversation with my aunt this afternoon, while dodging the volleyball that was being bumped around the kitchen by my three helpers, I opened the oven door to retrieve the fragrant Italian Herb Dough that had been rising for an hour.  Time for pizza assembly!

It was then, an instant before I saw it, that I realized I had turned the oven on to pre-heat… with the dough still in the oven, resting in my nicest, biggest Tupperware bowl. The very bowl that I rely on for all of my rising because it’s the only one really big enough since I melted a bowl last summer… in the oven… making dough for my pizza braid…)




I truly cannot believe I am showing you this right on the heels of my potato explosion.  Where is my head, people?!?

Funny how my husband and children weren’t any less hungry when we pulled this out of the oven.  I needed a plan, and I needed it fast!  Remember, we live 15 miles from the nearest fast food.  That’s not an option.

Tonight’s Plan B was spaghetti.  I honestly think I had a nice spaghetti dinner, complete with corn and toast from homemade bread, on the table in the same amount of time that it would have taken to assemble and bake the pizza.  This brought to light how glad I am that I tackle the stockpile, and pantry, and freezer on a regular basis. If not spaghetti, here are some other meals that I could have thrown together just as quickly with what we have on hand.

Tonight, my kitchen tip and tackle are one and the same.  Keep a pantry and freezer stocked with simple ingredients to make “Plan B” meals.  It will save you time, money, and unneeded stress. It also wouldn’t hurt to keep handy a list of the meals you can make with what you have.  You just never know when your pizza dough will fuse with your melted Tupperware…

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  1. Tupperware murderer!! You know what else is not fun? Taking a perfectly delicious pizza out of the oven and dropping it upside down on the floor!

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry. I do something like that at least once a week!

    Plan B is good! 🙂

  3. that is awesome! LOL

  4. I do the same thing all the time. I’ve taken to putting glass bowls in the oven instead of plastic. That way it’s only the plastic wrap(actually I use cheap shower caps, they work really well and I can use them again) that melt. Still stinks when I do it though.

    I actually have that big Tupperware bowl in that color with a lid. I remember working on a project for school. I was making a roof out of papermache for my Native American house. We put it in the oven to be out of the way and dry. My dad came home and turned on the oven to make garlic bread. It melted the original bowl (same bowl different color) and ruined my roof. 🙁 I rarely put plastic in the oven, I’m too spacey for that!

  5. Great tackle!! Sorry about your bowl:-( I think that has happened to every baker at least once.

  6. The top of your dough looks pretty tasty, actually! 🙂 So glad you had a plan B up your sleeve and I hope the oven cleaned up OK. I once set one of my kids’ plastic plates on a still-hot burner and ended up with a melted turquoise plastic disaster… ew.

  7. Oh, no! Sorry to hear about the mishap. 🙁 Glad you were able to have a plan B in the works!!

  8. I’ve set a cookbook on fire…twice! And once I forgot to add flour to my cake batter. Talk about a MESS! Way to rise above it and make the best out of a bad situation! Great tackle! 🙂

  9. I tried that pizza last night! Quick tip – I heated up my rice bag (used for sore necks, warming cribs, cold toes, etc.) and wrapped it around the bowl. It worked pretty well! I’ve also heard good things about heating some water in the microwave for a few minutes and putting dough in there – moist, warm, and enclosed – all good things.

    My pizza stone is only 15″ so I didn’t roll the dough out quite as far as the recipe called for. I baked the crust only for five minutes then added toppings and baked another 15. I like the cheese a little brown and bubbly, so I broiled it a few minutes. I didn’t think the crust was quite done enough, though. It might have helped if I had preheated my stone – I usually roll the dough on the stone and put it in a preheated oven. Good flavor, though!

    Now, I’m off to try that ham recipe for lunch. I guess I’m stalking your recipes this week!

  10. Oh my! I hate when that happens. Spaghetti is always on hand in my house.

  11. That sounds just like something I would do (have done, several times). God bless our understanding husbands.

  12. Get Pyrex! They are really hard to break, believe me I know and you can bake in them if you want. Worth the investment!

  13. LOL! I mean, not so funny if you have to clean it up . . . ever thought of a ceramic bowl for rising dough? I have a really big, thick one, and though it’s heavy, it holds heat really well.

    Pantry meals have saved me many a trip to McDonald’s. Thanks for the reminder to keep my pantry stocked! You never know when this will be the night . . .

  14. Must be somethin’ up with the ovens!…yesterday, I stuck a pan of biscuits in the oven and they rose up over the pan…all down in the oven…smoke alarms were going off…I don’t think I’ve ever done plastic 🙂 But it sure has a nice look to it…perhaps it could be a centerpiece?

  15. Oh, that’s such a depressing picture! Glad to know I wasn’t the only one with a dinner gaffe yesterday. I usually buy canned beans but had dry. I soaked them, was a bit concerned that they didn’t look as soft as expected, then added them to my casserole. Nearly immediately I realized that cooking them was supposed to happen. I picked most of them out, cooked them, and threw ’em back in. We ate late, but it tasted fine in the end.

  16. Michelle H. says:

    Sorry about the mess! My friend did the same thing on Thanksgiving morning a few years ago, but ruined the stove as well as her favorite tupperware bowl. She was expecting 20 people for dinner, and had to drive all over town to use 2 different ovens at friend’s houses to get dinner cooked in time.

    I don’t think she’s baked bread since.

  17. I haven’t melted a bowl but I did melt a pile of Baggies on top of scrambled eggs once. And another time I tried to heat up taco shells in a toaster oven. Can you say fire?
    Sounds like you made a nice recovery.

  18. I have had so many similar incidents! I think mom-brain is a real and dangerous affliction. a plan B stash is so important for moments like these…sometimes the stand-in meal becomes a family favorite too–serendipity!

  19. For an especially cool experiment you can always leave a plastic cutting board in the oven also. To maximize results, leave in just until the plastic has melted enough to settle and nestle itself onto the oven rack. Take some pics, wait till it cools and pop it off for a very funky piece of plastic 🙂
    Can’t tell you how many cutting boards I’ve killed like that lol.


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