What Took Me So Long? {Finer Things Friday}

ImonThe written word is so incredibly powerful.  Encouragement on paper to be read over and over.  We’ve all saved treasured cards and letters over the years in a special drawer or box.

One of my goals this year is to write more.  Yes, that includes a couple of ebooks that have been living in my head far too long (yep, I said it… now it has to happen, right?) but more importantly, I want to write to people.  Small notes on my kids’ pillows.  Emails to my husband during the day.  Thank you notes mailed.  Encouragement scrawled with pen, arriving in my friends’ mailboxes.  That kind of writing!

Earlier this week I finally wrote again to our sponsored child, Imon.  I’ve written to him a few times before, but that task is always shoved to “tomorrow” or “the next day” and pretty soon another month has passed by and… yes, I am pathetic. 

Several months ago I read that we can write to our sponsored children online!  And we could upload photos to our letters!  That was revolutionary to me, because one of my excuses for not writing was that I never got around to printing photos to send, and I wanted to send photos.  (Again, pathetic.  It’s amazing anyone ever reads this blog.)

No more excuses, right?!  Well, I couldn’t get logged in and then I forgot about it and in the meantime I kept getting regular letters from him.  Then last week I received a postcard from Compassion with about 5 blank lines on it for me to return a note.  “Please write to your sponsored child.  It would mean so much to him.”  Actually, I think those postcards serve more as, “Come on, lady!  Surely you can come up with five lines and get this in the mail!”

That did it.  I called Compassion, reset my password, and logged on.

Oh my goodness.  They have cute writing templates to choose from.  I can upload photos.  It could not be easier!  And the lady I talked to said they print these letters on high quality paper and the children receive our letters faster when we write to them online.

I chose this:


The snowflake motif seemed appropriate for the blizzard photos I included.  😉

I don’t know why I waited so long.  Fifteen minutes, start to finish.  Absolutely no cost to me.  All to make a young boy’s day.

I’m not sure what it is that you’re waiting on.  The perfect moment?  After the next load of laundry?  Once you get more sleep?  Whatever the something that you’re wanting to do, whether it be sending an encouraging note or mopping the kitchen floor (I did that earlier this week, too.  I’m on a roll, people! ha!) don’t wait.  Pick something and let’s get it done, shall we?

Clicking “send” on a letter to my Imon?  That was a Finer Thing that I want to repeat over and over.  What Finer Things are you celebrating this week?  Link up and let us know!

(If you have a Compassion child, do write to them online?  You should try it!)


  1. Janie Gentry says:

    I decided that my husband and I should get out and do things together, to this week, on Wednesday, we took off early and drove 150 miles to Knoxville and spent several hours at the zoo! We love animals and this was a treat for both of us. We talked and had a very enjoyable day.

  2. Thank you so much for hosting!

    Quirky town.
    Newest Post: “HELP:I’ve Turned Into a Morning Person!!!!”

  3. We also write our child (Ruth) on line. It is so easy and quick. I also have my daughter “write” the letter with me, since Ruth is around her age.

  4. For me, it is the opposite. We sponsored our Compassion child (Anabel) 11/11/11. I wrote to her nearly every week using the online form before I even knew where to send the letters. When hubby and I go to a new town, a new area, a different state…we get her a postcard and send it. Most of my letters to her are online, but we like to send some physical letters from places we are visiting: even if they are the Natural History Museum an hour away from the house. For her 5th birthday, I wrote to her every.single.day. in the month of her birthday (December 2012). I sent her some cards, wrote online, took lots of pictures. I hope that one day she can look back and see how much we love her and how much a part of our family she is, though she is so many miles away.

  5. Thank you Amy for introducing me to Compassion in the first place, a few years back. We sponsor a boy (age 8) in El Salvador. He shares the same birthday as my stepfather, who passed away in 2010. Every year on August 21 we can be happy!

  6. Thanks for sharing! We just sponsored a child this past Sunday at church. I have wanted to for a long time and I also don’t know why we’ve put it off so long. But we just redid our budget and included a line for a special little one. This month our church is focusing on the value of children, so we had the Compassion table up. My hubby was just drawn to a little girl named Rita from Bangladesh. She’s not even in school yet, so we’re hoping to watch her grow up along with our little one who is 18 months!

    • Oh, congratulations! I hope Rita and your little one form a special bond over the years. Thank you for caring for her!

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