What Makes You Great?

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As of 4:00 this afternoon I am the (temporarily) single parent to only one sweet baby girl who mostly sleeps, eats, and poops. Maybe we should talk about how my husband is GREAT and took the Fab Five to the farm overnight?!

But instead, I think we’ll talk about you. And me. All moms, really, (parents! really!) because Moms, we are great! It’s not the extraordinary. It’s not the beautifully coordinated Pinterest parties we throw. It’s not the spotless house or the perfectly groomed children or the freshly ironed Sunday clothes.

You know what’s great? Knowing when a nap trumps all.

What else is great? Skipping the cake and rolling with her birthday request.

Donuts and bacon for the win! (Seriously now, her expression = GREAT!)

It’s the every day. It’s singing “Jesus Loves Me” while rocking her at 1:30 in the morning. It’s cleaning his vomit (or her fingernail polish) out of the carpet. It’s smiling and averting your eyes from your favorite show to watch her new trick.

Sometimes it’s putting one foot in front of the other and simply doing what needs to be done. (Bonus points if you do it with a smile.) If you remember, at the end of this post, I wrote “Dear July, Please play nice. Mama’s tired.” There was good reason for that.

After our last two babies came about 20 days early, we thought we better prepare for the same this go around. That meant being ready for baby at the end of June/first week of July. Well, you know how my June went. Huge sigh of relief to get through it without adding baby to the mix, then the first week of July we had a swim meet on the 1st, moved my parents out of my hometown (where they lived for the last 35 years) on the 2nd, and swim finals on the 3rd. Whew! We made it! That night I told my husband to go ahead and pack just in case since I was okay with having the baby at any time now. (Like I have control over such things…)

We woke late on July 4th with no plans. Bliss! Until… a couple of our children started scratching. Their heads.

You guys.

I cried. A quick peek confirmed that at least one child had headlice, and I could go into labor at any time!!! Not great.

Deep breath. Wipe the tears. (Both mine and my panicked tween’s, who, by the way, never had so much as a nit, much to her relief!) Add Joy and citrus to the diffuser (Mama needs it!). Scream for help on Skype. (Thank you, Smockity!)  Send hubby to town for supplies. Comb and pick and smother and spray and comb and pick and smother and spray… and pray that this baby would not come. Not right now.

Worst nightmare? No. Of course not. Nurst Wightmare? You betcha! Our first experience with head lice? Not great. Getting through it together without too many tears and without going into labor? 😉  That’s the stuff that Great is made of.

Speaking of going into labor… I eluded to this near disaster in my Birth Story. About an hour before my first real contractions, Miss 2 thought it would be fun to climb the big kids’ bikes. Not so fun when she came tumbling down into some wooden shelves, mouth first. Blood everywhere. One top front tooth nearly knocked out, pushed back to a gruesome 90° angle. Screaming. Company for supper. It was a mess.

I called the dentist. He said there was nothing they could do unless the tooth was “flapping in the wind” and then they’d take it out. It took a couple of hours to calm her, stop the bleeding, assess the situation, decide NOT to go to the emergency room, find something she could eat without any chewing (smoothies for the win!), feed our guests, calm her again, and get my own supper. That’s when I told my husband I was in labor.


These moments. This one foot in front of the other. Getting through. That is what makes me great.

When Post asked women (ages 40+) “What makes you great?” they got some fantastic answers:

  • 80% of women love themselves now more than they did 10 years ago.
  • 93% of women feel they’ve improved some aspect of themselves in the past 10 years.
  • 50% of women have improved their health
  • 38% of women are more comfortable in their skin as they get older

Post Great Grains Cereal has nutrition you can see, bringing whole foods from the field to your bowl for a nutritious breakfast.

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• All of the varieties of Great Grains have at least 30g of whole grains per serving and are a heart healthy way to start the day.

We were given all 8 varieties of Post Great Grains to try out. Timing is everything, and our cereal arrived about a week before the baby made her appearance. Having cereal handy in these early weeks has been so fantastic, and my kids don’t seem to know that this cereal is full of much more than sugar and frosting.

My favorite? Oh, that’s a tough one. I love a nutty crunch, so the Crunchy Pecans variety was definitely a hit, but I really enjoy the Cranberry Almond Crunch, too. (Truth? I haven’t tried any that I don’t like.)

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Okay, readers. I spend many hours a day sitting in my recliner or on my bed nursing a wee one. Entertain me. Inspire me. Humor me. 😉 What makes you great?

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  1. Just yesterday I had a young lady knock at the door selling magazines to go on a trip to Rome; her opener was she was asking folks what their career or greatest job was. It took her back a little to have me state that my greatest job/career was being MOM. The best thing we can be is Mom to the kids God has given us. Their futures depend on us as mom (and dad too!!) to train them and teach them, to prepare them to be adults and one day mom and dad to their children. And more importantly–to love the Lord, to have Him be their God, and to realize how important it is to share that faith and love with their loved ones too. Thank you for the extra reminder of what truly is important, not just what makes us great.

    • Ah, yes. If you would have told me at age 20ish that I would someday let my teaching certificate expire and never plan to go back, I would have laughed. This life? Not what my younger self planned, but we’re loving it!

  2. Time has changed my ideas if motherhood. In 2007 I was a stay at home mom and would have told you I always would be. Until my husband left me one day, without warning. I had to go to work. Momma took it harder than the kids. Fast forward to today I have gone back to college and have a job in social services helping people everyday. I think as a mom, even though I wanted to be home, being able to go back to school as an adult, and work in a serving paid job has taught my kids so much. My kids are open, helping, have great integrity. Everything happens for a reason and I am simply on a journey. The changes in me is not what I thought I wanted, but I have never been a better mother. Confidence and pride does that and thankfully, for now, I am balancing it all. They have home cooked meals, clean undies , we have clean clothes and dishes, and eat supper at the table every night. Mom still makes plays, concerts, meetings. It helps my kids are all older. Am I super mom? No. Am I a super mom? Yes.

    And lice,ick but it happens. We have had our fair share. Thank goodness that baby stayed out!

    • “Am I super mom? No. Am I a super mom? Yes. ” I love that! I think we need t-shirts…

      Tina, You ARE a super mom.

  3. first off…lice…ICKY ICK!!!! is right!! as well as tears and horror for your tween!! I have always been a working mom..but it was never a choice..my father’s business…’nuff said..BUT we got the lice in daycare…so it wasn’t nearly the true horror i’m sure you went thru…and poor baby girl/miss 2!!! I am VERY surprised that did NOT send you into labor!!
    I think it makes us ALL great when these disastrous things happen and while we remain calm on the outside..mostly 😉 we are screaming and crying and carrying on along with the child on the inside that makes us ALL pretty great.
    Plus putting that foot in front of the other..getting up the next am after a horrible no good very bad day. We are needed no matter how old our kids get and THAT mama’s we have to be ready to help whenever needed. YEP!

  4. Amy, I’m totally jealous. Our family now doesn’t eat much cereal, but when I was in high school, my favorite cereal was Blueberry Morning by Post. I just might have to pick up a box I hope you enjoy your cereal!

    Anyway, for me, faith is an ever evolving, ever growing relationship. After a grueling, “one-step-at-a-time” kind of month, I can truly say with confidence, God makes me great.

    • I remember Blueberry Morning! That wasn’t included in our package, but we enjoyed every single box. 🙂

      Praying this month is better for you!

  5. Kelly Hess says:

    I have to say that the strength God gives me everyday to perserve through all of life’s challenges. We are dealing with a 2 year old that has major reflux issues and if I have to clean up one more mess of vomit I may scream. I’m hoping we find a solution soon, for my sanity. For her? She doesn’t seem bothered by it, but I know she will be much better off when we get this finally nipped in the bud!

  6. Find a new dentist! If a tooth gets knocked out preserve it in milk immediately . The dentist will insert the tooth where it belongs l If it is loose do not let a dentist pull it. Can’t believe your dentist said there is nothing they can do. Not good. My boss would have you come in immediately . Been in the dental field for 34 yrs never heard that there is nothing they could do

    • It wasn’t knocked out. Just knocked back. He was right. It worked its way back on its own and looks great now. We were amazed!

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