What else do I need?

She has a lengthy and varied list of birthday wishes, Miss Soon-to-be-10.  Basketball shoes, Nike duffle bag, sunglasses, stud earrings, knee pads, wristwatch, American Girl clothes (off the top of my head).  It’s hard not to want in this world.  It’s also well-reminded at our house that wishes are great, but don’t expect to be handed everything you wish for.

Tonight it was Mom vs. Five as dad coached a track meet in 29° temps.  Crazy Kansas weather.  The kids were actually being quite compliant and I was rather lenient, despite myself.  After an early supper and a clean kitchen, I offered $1 for 30 minutes of babysitting in her bedroom while I shredded my way to swimsuit season.  Deal!

I exercised.  She supervised Miss StandsUpOften.


I kept my end of the bargain, opening her door, dollar bill in hand.

She grinned victorious as she took it from my hand, immediately placing it in her collection box for church.  “Thank you for your support in feeding the children.”

Say what?!  “Really?” I exclaimed, one eyebrow arched?


“What?!  I have a home, a family, and this wackadoo (patting Little Brother on the head).  What else do I need?”

Sometimes I worry about how to teach generosity in a World of Want.  Other times I remember I’m the one being taught.


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  1. You’ve done well, Amy! Your children are adorable! Blessings from Bama!

  2. That’s beautiful!

  3. kathleen says:

    Recently I had a talk with my son (13) he just took his first holy communion. He asked me about tithes and what it all meant. So I was explaining to him that you are suppose to give the church atleast 10 % of your income. So then he starts figuring out what 10% of his chore money would be. He said that’s not bad I can do that now that he is “apart of the church”. In this world of give me, give me we wonder we ask God am I doing right by my children? Then God gives us a big old answer YES! Through our children kind hearted actions. God is awesome and so are the little people He intrust us with!

  4. Now I am thinking you should have paid her more! Good Job kiddo!

  5. You are teaching by example, Amy. That’s the best way, isn’t it?

  6. Awww, sweet! Sometimes they do surprise us when we discover that they’ve “caught” more than we realized of what we’ve “taught”.

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