What do you like about your bed?

It’s a Finer Thing to enjoy your bed. As a Serta Ambassador, I received a new mattress so I could tell you all about it! First, though, my kiddos want to tell you about their beds.

Why yes, Miss 6 really did say she likes to make her bed. If you’ll notice, though, she doesn’t just make it, she creates it each and every day. Forts, castles, canopies. That child’s imagination runs on overdrive!

And as for Miss 1… what can I say? Girlfriend hates her crib. All that jibber jabber translates “This is kind of fun with the lights on and lots of attention. So, when are we going to your bed, mom?”


We chose the Serta Trump Home iSeries® Corban Firm mattress. It sleeps well for many reasons, but my favorite feature is the individually wrapped coils. My husband can wake up without me waking up. I can sneak out of bed without Miss 1 figuring it out. Freedom and a little extra sleep. That’s what our Serta gives us!

What’s your favorite thing about your bed? What do you wish you could change?


Disclosure:  As a Serta blog ambassador, I am compensated for sharing information and deals about the Serta brand.  All opinions and cute little sleepy people are my own.  (Though I may lend one or two out if you ask at 2am.)


  1. We got a new mattress about a year and a half ago and I love it. It’s tempurpedic and it suits both his bad back and my desire for coziness. Before that, we had had our own mattress– we weren’t those souls with a hand-me-down– but it was some $149 special we got when we were super young and dirt-poor. 😉 By a few years ago, there were actual springs barely covered by a very thin layer of fabric and I would awaken with bruises– it was definitely time to replace it!!

  2. Love those kids!!

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