What About MY Faith?

Parenting and faith walk hand in hand.

Prayers from deep in the gut, crying out all of our hopes and dreams in desperation, an unlikely way to begin this amazing journey.

Before our first child entered the world, she strongly affected our faith, strengthening the gravitational pull as we clung to Jesus for answers.  For comfort.  For hope.

She’s eight years old now, with her brothers and sister stair-stepped behind her.  Last week when we went on our date, she silently, unprompted, made the sign of the cross and prayed before her meal at the restaurant.

I am certain that our six year old prayed his brother into the world when he was only three.  He was insistent.  Matter of fact.  Faithful.

“Will you pray me, Mom?” (not a typo – “pray me” is an event around here, I guess) is what my ornery four year old asked just the other night.  That girl… well, she has a direct line from God to my heart.  A sixth sense about what I need to hear and when I need to hear it.  She doesn’t let me get away with anything!

And then there’s the baby who thinks he’s a toddler, his brain always two steps in front of his feet, writing checks his body can’t cash.  His birth a test of my pride.  His restless nights a test of my sanity, and a push toward mother prayers in the wee hours.

I often hear about children being the future of the church.  Hogwash.  Children are the church!  Their faith is real.  Innocent.  Impulsive.  Genuine.

How does the faith of my children affect me?  What about my faith? 

They push me out of complacency.  They force me into prayer.  They give me reason for gratitude, 24/7.  They encourage me to dig deep, learn more, ask my own questions, and search for answers.  Striving for Faith Like a Child. 


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  1. “Children ARE the church.” So, so true, though I’ve never formed the words in my head like that before. Such a beautiful post and I love that I feel like I’ve travelled some of this journey alongside you, my friend.

  2. I have learned so much about my faith since my daughter was born. I find that everyday God is teaching things about myself and about my relationships with him through watching her.

  3. This is beautiful Amy! I’ve told the story of your little boy and his prayer since the first time I read it and it made me sob…too wonderful. And I agree that being a parent has changed the way I pray. Praying without ceasing is something I never really understood or did, but when my Peanut was so sick last winter I found myself continually praying for her all day long for days at a time. And then holding parents of seriously sick kids in my prayers and thoughts too. Being a Mom has changed the way I pray and what I pray for and I am forever grateful for that!

    Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Beautiful… 🙂


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