We’re Bananas {Finer Things Friday}

Remember this?

Today:  Same exercise video, same crunches, different baby trick.  Today he was trying to feed me banana chips as I’m crunching. 

“Biiiite.  Biiiiite,” he insisted, as he attempted to shove the chip between my tightly closed lips.  Finally, I placed the banana chip on my closed mouth and blew.  It flew up and spun around, creating a massive belly laugh reaction from both of us.  “Biiite.  Biiiiite!”  Repeat. Belly laugh.

Oh. My. Word.  Belly laughing with the baby is as effective as crunches, right?

As we were laughing about it all tonight, my husband says, “See, you’d miss all that if you went to work, and I’d miss hearing about it.”

I love that man, because he loves that I’m home.

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  1. Oh that little man is SO adorable!!!

  2. isnt it great when husbands value their wives staying home!!! I am blessed this way also! Just found out that I will be staying home with TWO come this October! Yay!

  3. I LOVE that! My husband is the same way. It’s a blessing that I know I can’t take for granted.

    Sorry for the double post. Feel free to delete the first one. I think I do that EVERY time I post on Finer Things Friday (which isn’t often, so I forget how it works and always put my name!)

  4. Definitely way better than crunches!

  5. I am blessed too by a man who gladly has worked two jobs our entire marriage to bless his children with a full time mom. I am so glad to have enjoyed every minute of my children’s babyhood, toddler hood, preschool years, childhood years and now I am entering preteen and teen years. Enjoy!

  6. How adorable! Belly laughs are definitely so much more fun and way more rewarding than crunches any day. My Little Man usually pulls my pony tail when I’m doing crunches. Not quite as funny, but it’s counts in my book as resistance training.

  7. I agree that belly laughs are as good, no better than crunches! And sweet sweet words from your husband…treasure!

  8. Love it ! I am reminded daily of all the moments I would be missing out on, if I was working outside the home.

    Being part of the chaos and fun of daily life with children is worth every, single sacrifice that we are making to live on one income.

  9. So sweet, and your husband’s words are priceless! I have a wonderful husband too who loves that I am home with our boys!

  10. So, so cute. (That would have been hard to get a picture of, lol!) And laughter is good medicine. I’m sure it was as good as crunches.

    And yay for encouraging husbands!

  11. So cute! I’m going to have to try doing crunches like that. 🙂

  12. 🙂 I always enjoy Finer Things Friday…it makes me smile.

  13. So funny! I could see my youngest trying that, too. It makes me laugh!

  14. Beautiful post. Your family is an inspiration. You are right to realize the wonferfulness of your hubby’s comment and his attitude towards your being a SHM.

  15. So cute!! I am a stay at home mom too..we have talked about me going back to work when our youngest starts school, however, my husband feels the same way as yours, it’s nice to having me home. We would have to worry if one is sick on who would stay home to keep them or take them to the dr. then there is after school activities the kids may not get to participate in if I am at work, etc. I know it isn’t for everyone and not everyone is able to do it, but I am thankful that for us it has worked out.

    • Yes, yes, and yes. We talk about the same things for “when the kids are all in school.” Right now it looks like I’ll be doing sometime part-time from home. Blogging, maybe? 😉

  16. LOVE this!! SO sweet..and such a true statement from your husband. 🙂

  17. Those are the moments that make it worthwhile, aren’t they? 🙂

  18. Sounds like you have a wonderful husband. And yes belly laughing with baby is usually more of a work out than crunches. lol


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