Finer Things Friday: Weight Gain

Hold the press, Amy.  Weight Gain? A Finer Thing?

Why yes, yes it is. (As long as I’m not the one gaining weight!)

Baby boy had his 2 week checkup this morning.  I’ve been a little concerned about the massive amounts of spitting up he’s already known for.  Massive amounts. I knew not to worry, though, unless

  1. he is in pain
  2. he doesn’t gain weight

Well, he hasn’t been in pain; but my emotional, sleep-deprived, hormonal Mama Heart was a wee bit concerned about the whole weight gaining thing.  (I’ve cut out dairy and am watching my diet to see if/how it affects him.)

At birth he weighed 6 lbs. 14.8 oz.  According to my doctor, the goal at two weeks is for babies to weigh what they weighed at birth, regaining what they (almost always) lose in those early days.

My little man?  He tipped the scales at 7 lbs. 4 oz.

See?  Told you weight gain is a Finer Thing!

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  1. Hooray!!! Oh, my friend, I know all too well how very real “weight gain” celebrations can be… I will never, ever forget C’s “2 lb party”- well after she was a month old. 🙂 So happy to read the good report about your happy, healthy babe!

  2. He’s such a cutie!! Such long, skinny arms! And, I have to say, I may be a smidge jealous of your 6lb baby… Are they all that small for you? 🙂 Mine have gone ever-upward in birth sizes. 7lb 7oz, 8lb 13oz, and 9lb 2oz! And believe it or not, I do want a fourth!! Lol.

  3. Libbie was a spitting-up MACHINE–and she went from 7 lbs 9 oz to 10 lbs 10 oz by two months.

    Sorry you have to deal with the spit-up, but glad it’s not hurting him and that’s he’s growing big!!

    And I want to cuddle him. Why do you live so far away?

    • It’s reassuring to know that other little spitters gain weight just fine. All those things in the first few weeks make a mama nervous, you know?!

  4. My oldest spit quite a lot too, and she has been the largest of the three once she really started growing. Each child is different of course, and I am so glad your son is doing well!

  5. So glad he’s doing well!

  6. He is so beautiful!! I want to kiss all over his little face and he isn’t even mine. You are so blessed and doing a great job!!!

  7. I might have weight gain, but that’s not what I am celebrating this week. 🙂 Glad your little guy is doing well.
    Thanks for hosting.

  8. Way to go Amy…great job Mama!

  9. Yay for your little man! I hope the spitting up resolves itself soon. Nursing sure does great things for their little bodies! I breast fed mine and we never had a problem with them losing weight, in fact they took off like weeds.

  10. What a little sweetie. I always love to see my babies gain weight and to know that it is my milk that is causing it. 🙂

  11. Wow, he does have big hands! He will make a fine pianist 🙂

  12. I am glad you got good news about his weight. My little one is a spitter and I was concerned about it too. Praise God for thriving babies!

  13. He is beautiful – thanks a lot for causing me major baby-fever! What a sweetie!

  14. Aww! I love the funny positions that little guys get themselves into while they sleep. It’s like they wish they were still squished up inside mama. Your new boy keeps getting more gorgeous, and hooray for weight gain!

  15. Finer Things Friday is fun!


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