Weekly Dillons Bargain Menu, 3/18

Bargain Meal of the Week

Last week I paid $18.69 at Dillons after sales and coupons. My total before? $81.59. It was a fantastic week, and I attribute my success to patience. Not all of the Mega Deals were listed in the ad, so I went up and down almost all the aisles checking for the special tag.  Lance is stocked up on granola bars for track season and wheat harvest for sure!  I also managed to stock up with 5 FREE boxes of baby wipes for showers and gifts.  I make my own for home.

On to the bargain meals for this week.  There are still some fantastic deals to be had!

Option #1

This would be a great week to have breakfast for dinner.  By substituting bacon for sausage or ham, you could throw together a breakfast casserole in the morning and pop it in the oven an hour before dinner.  The recipe can be found here.  You will need the following sale items:

  • eggs (99¢/dozen)
  • bacon ($1.69/12 oz.)
  • cheese ($1.94/8 oz.)
  • bread (88¢/loaf)
  • butter ($1.99/lb.)

Total cost should be about $3.96 for 6 large pieces. Serve with fresh strawberries ($1.88/lb.) or cantelope ($1.58 each) and muffins for a light spring supper or hearty weekend brunch.

Option #2

Have a special occasion to celebrate or just want to dine restaurant-style at home?  Dillons has everything you need to make your own delicious Aussie Chicken. I fixed this for our Valentine’s Date at home, and it was absolutely wonderful.  The recipe can be found here, and these are the sale items you’ll need:

  • boneless, skinless chicken breasts ($1.66/lb. *amazing price*) or buy the bone-in breasts for $1.00/lb. and cut them off of the bone
  • bacon ($1.69/12 oz.)
  • sliced, fresh mushrooms ($2/8 oz.)
  • cheese ($1.94/8 oz.)

Total cost will be about $8.50 for 4 servings. Restaurant dining at home can’t be beat!

Go to The Grocery Weekly for more Dillons deals with coupon match-ups.  Her ad doesn’t match mine exactly, but it’s close enough!  Remember, stocking up when items are at their very lowest price will save you money, even if that item isn’t needed right away. (That’s why I bought 11 boxes of granola bars last week for about 90¢ per box)  😉


  1. I am in awe of how much you saved, buying groceries. That is awesome.

  2. wow…what great deals. I wish we still had Dillons stores here. They all closed last year.

  3. Those savings are outrageous!!

  4. You grabbed some great deals! I try to cost comparison between Dillons, Aldis, and our military commissary. It is amazing sometimes the savings that is found! 😀

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