Weekend Wanderings

Serving Others in an Imperfect Home ~ Yes!

Oh, if only we would care for our neighbors Like a Gardening Toddler.

My children are ruined.  Every last one of ’em.  37 Ways to Ruin Your Kid Before Age Three (hilarious) (and beautiful)

Rising Above Food Wars:  Eat for God’s Glory ~ Standing Ovation!  “God does not hand out spiritual “kudos” for the types of food we choose to eat.”

How I Learned to Love Housework ~ “One day I was standing at the sink, rinsing soggy cereal out of bowls and placing them in the dishwasher, and it hit me: I was bringing order out of chaos. Suddenly, the value of this mundane task was no longer subjective. This wasn’t pointless drudgery; it was God’s work!”

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  1. Girl, you need to stop these posts! Now that I have read your recommendations and linked to whatever interesting posts the “you might be interested in” suggested it is 2:05AM!!!! I must go to bed now, but I’d bookmarked several places I’d like to return!

  2. Amy – I am humbled and honored to be on this list! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I agree with Heather that there are so many places to get “lost in” with those posts!

  3. Thank youfor gathering and sharing these posts. I so enjoy them!

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