Weekend Wanderings

“The God who has made you does not expect you to do it all because He knows you cannot.”  The Art of NOT Multi-tasking.

How to get rid of a Facebook virus. I know many of you are on Facebook.  Surely you’ve seen some of the crazy links that pop up?  (PS – Don’t click on them!)

Heath Cheesecake Pie ~ Yes, please!

We are gonna have all kinds of fun with this!  Free Play Dough Recipes E-Book

“Physicians will prescribe antibiotics for viral infections 62 percent of the time when asked by a patient, as opposed to only 7 percent of the time when they think a patient does not want them.”  Really?!  Antibiotics:  Please don’t ask.


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Darn, I thought that said “health” cheesecake pie!!

  2. Thanks for linking to my e-book!

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