Weekend Wanderings

My friend Lynn is at it again!  Download her FREE Chocolate ebook, which contains 17 of her favorite chocolate recipes, at your earliest convenience.  (Hmmm, perhaps I should write an ebook.  What about?)

Less than 2 weeks away… are you ready?  Jen shares Creative, Cheap Ideas for Valentine’s Day.

If I was a homeschooler (perhaps in another life – let’s chat about that sometime, shall we?) I would absolutely snatch this Free Collection of Homeschool Study Charts and Worksheets.

If you’ve adopted, or are adopted, or are considering adoption, or have never considered adoption, you should read this short and sweet post from Julie, whose dreams recently came true doubly bigtime!  Because of Adoption

How to Make a Marriage Bed. I needed to read that one.  My husband needed me to read that one!


  1. Have I mentioned before that I proofread ebooks? :>)

  2. Thank you for collecting these “random” links each week- I always find at least one of them every week that I so glad to have been able to read.

  3. Darling, write an ebook about your stockpile and how you rotate it!!! I asked you awhile ago, wondered if I missed the post (which is entirely possible ;)) I would LOVE to have some inspiration as this is the most frustrating part of my grocery goings-on! 😉

    • You’re much too kind! Other than our beef and my newly acquired stash of Rotel, I truly don’t have much at all stockpiled right now. I’ll try to round up some resources for you!

  4. The link for valentine ideas doesn’t seem to work?

  5. You might consider turning some of your Why Didn’t Anyone Tell me? posts into an e-book. As a young woman who is unmarried but dreams of having a family one day, I often get overwhelmed at the amount of information I imagine I will one day have to wade through regarding having kids. I have read your posts with interest and I think it would be super helpful to have a kind of bare-bones primer on pregnancy available for download! Just a thought. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for linking to “How to Make a Marriage Bed.” It is exactly what my heart and head needed to hear.

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