Weekend Wanderings

Cutest. Thing. Ever.  Check out this Olive Penguins and Cheese Ball Igloo

Robin is a word artist, and a master of the Finer Things.  Here, she finds Neverland, and reminds me to cherish my babies.

Speaking of cherishing your babies, this is a great reminder that Sorrow is a Part of Christmas, Too for many families.

My friend Kate has a FREE Cookies for Christmas eBook available that can be printed and made into recipe cards.  Grab it while you can!

Is your Christmas missing something?  The Uninvited Guest of Honor, perhaps?

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  1. Amy!!! Thank you for linking to one of my favorite posts of all time (is that okay to admit??). You know how it is when you write something with your heart and it’s nice to see others enjoy it? This is one of those.

    Mostly I love visiting your spot; your tagline is one of my favorite in the entire blogosphere, one of my life philosophies.

    Merry Saturday before Christmas! xo

  2. Thanks for including my igloo, Amy! I always love your weekend wanderings!

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