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It Just Doesn’t Matter What You Think – Jen’s post is about so much more than driving a hunk-o-junk.

Thrilled to find these super-cute  Tootsie Pop Pumpkins to make for my second grader’s class party later this month.

I’m no grammar queen, but one of my biggest grammatical pet peeves is the misuse of I and Me.  Jessie nails it in Me, My, and I.  The whole series is a great refresher:  Before You Hit Publish

Must.  Implement.  Immediately.  The Morning High Five

If you’re not a blogger you may not care, but Niche Blogs or Personality Blogs? by Stephanie had me grinning and nodding and feeling pretty okay about being “all over the place” in my Finer Things space.  By the way, is there anything you wish I’d write more (or less!) about?


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  1. Oh those pumpkin pops are so cute & so easy looking!! And I like you being all over the place … we get a little bit of everything that way!!

    Thanks for linking up:)

  2. I love that one about Niche blogs!! I am all over the place, too, but it just feels more authentic for MY blog that way. Because that’s how I am! I am refocusing my MomTV show to be more niche in the Mom Blogger Space. I like having a place to share whatever I want, though! That article definitely made me feel better about that.

  3. Loved every. single. thing. you linked up here, Amy… thanks for sharing them! (Well, I was already very familiar with Jessie’s series, but thanks for the rest!!)

  4. Thank you, my friend, for the shout out. I can’t wait to go read some of your other links. 🙂

  5. U had already read the one from lifeasmom. Love it! I have started using that and came up with a nighttime Hugh five. Sych a great encouragement for kids and also for me.

  6. Great links! Thanks for the link for grammatical use on using me, I, or my. It was definitely a LOT easier to figure out with her explanation.

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