Weekend Wanderings

The Neverending Balancing Act – Can real balance be achieved with blogging?  With life in general?

Guide to Surviving the Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy and Postpartum Period – Where have I been and why didn’t anyone tell me about some of these things?!

Preserving Summer’s Bounty – Confession:  My sorely neglected garden fried in the heat of the Kansas summer this year.  Whoops!  Maybe I’ll need this resource next year…

Saying Enough in a World of Stuff – Love this reminder to be content!


  1. You know what? My garden suffered this year too. With losing my Grandma right at planting time, and then having to travel to see my Grandpa for a while a month after Grandma passed, I started letting things go. And, then with my Mom’s heart surgery, I just kind of gave up. I’m just chalking it up as an experience, and I’ll work hard again at it next year.

    • I have the exact same story. My grandma also passed away as we were getting our garden started and with all the traveling and being out of town, it didn’t go so well. I feel better knowing that I’m not the only one who kind of let the garden go…

  2. Amy, thank you for linking to my post. You seriously made my DAY! 🙂

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