Weekend Wanderings

We’ve entered our busy season, but my husband still comes home at night. I can’t fathom Packing His Bag, Preparing My Heart.

Have you ever heard of a Gender Reveal Party?  We don’t find out the gender of our babies ahead of time, but if we did… I’d want to do it this way!  How fun!

Two of my favorite topics wrapped up in one post:  Fertility Signals While Breastfeeding

Mediterranean Pizza with Smoked Chicken and Goat Cheese ~ Not sure that my meat and potatoes family would be impressed, but my pregnant palate drooled at the sight of this pizza!

I need to heed this advice:  Take Care of Yourself and Live Life to the Fullest


  1. Thanks for posting the Gender Reveal Party. I think I squealed too when I saw the blue cake!! Ha ha! How fun!

  2. I always love what you have found in your ‘wanderings’. I’ve bookmarked many over time. I’d love to share with you one I have found. A truly inspiring story about Faith.
    She is amazing! Oh, and stop by for a giveaway on my blog this week too if you have time. 🙂

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