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Never Good Enough ~ I’m ashamed to say… been there!

I need to be more intentional about this ~ Protecting Her Innocence

Honestly, the only 2012 Presidential Election post I need to read.  I’m ready now.

Brilliant ~ Never enter a parent teacher conference empty handed.

What do you think?  It’s OK Not to Share



  1. I LOVE the “It’s okay not to share” article! It said exactly what I believe about sharing. That kind of “sharing” leads to children, teenagers, and eventually adults who believe that they’re entitled to whatever they want when they want it. And who taught them that? The parent who said “share” instead of “wait your turn.”

    • Love the “not sharing” – that’s exactly how we do things around here. It does baffle other friends & family, I’m afraid. We feel that it’s no different to enforce “sharing” than eminent domain – if the government (parents) steps in & *mandates* the sharing – is it really “sharing”? No – sharing comes from heartfelt love & concern for others. We do try to teach love & respect for others & placing other’s needs higher than our own. But we want the sharing to be child-motivated, not parent-directed. LOVE this article – looks like a neat book!

  2. We try the wait your turn, but it is hard when another child is waiting. I never thought about what to say to the waiting child. Thanks for the suggestions! I also love the protecting her innocence! My DD is 8 and a lot of clothing is so inappropriate! My personal pet peeve is anything with writing on the butt! I sew, so I make a lot of her dresses. She does want cute stuff and hates to have her belly show. I want her to stay my little girl! 🙂

  3. Thanks for linking up to me today. Appreciate you! Off to read the others you suggest.

    • Enjoyed your post, Kathy. We have our first preschool conference coming up in a couple weeks. I will be sure to bring my son’s teacher a little something now 🙂

  4. Holy cow! For once I actually do what the article writer does! haha. I hate that assumption that just because one kid says I want that thing the first user has to instantly hand it over to count as sharing. My big thing is the first user MUST respond (this began mostly because the request repeated 400 times makes me bonkers!) and remember to hand it over when he’s done. Works pretty well for us.

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