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25 Tips to Encourage Kids to Eat Their Veggies ~ From a mom who’s tried them all. (Some fun things in here!)

In praise of my Unspectacular, Pre-Pinterest wedding ~ “Try as we may, we don’t get to custom-build our happiest moments. Instead, they sneak up on us. They show up, ready or not, in everyday acts of love and grace…”

7 Common Problems Solved by Owning Less ~ Less is more!


  1. Loved the Pre-Pinterest wedding post! “Plan a marriage, not a wedding,” is our philosophy. So many brides are so concerned about having the perfect wedding that they forget that the marriage is more important than the wedding.

  2. less is definitely more! 🙂 and i can’t imagine trying to have a wedding these days – we paid for our own, had a friend take our pictures, and still spent way too much money! in fact, we often talk about if we could go back and do it differently we probably would’ve eloped. it really does seem people put the emphasis on the “day” and not the “marriage”.

  3. Time with my family, which is rare. And I might be old fashioned, but I always love gorgeous flowers and expensive chocolates.

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