Wall Decorating 101

I stink at decorating. I have no design skills.

But give this mama some updated family photos, and I suddenly feel as if my walls could be shown on HGTV.

Crooked smiles. Crooked photos. I am grateful for them all!

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  1. They look great! I took all my pictures off my wall last Spring so I could paint. I really need to get them back up again.

  2. These are beautiful and I love how you arranged them! Thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful photos!!! I am a terrible decorator…maybe I need to follow your example.

  4. The wall pictures look great. It will definitely be a focal point in your home.

  5. so awesome! there’s something about plastering family on your walls that really makes it feel like home.

  6. looking good so glad you have a great looking family something truly to be grateful for

  7. I love the arrangement! Looks great and isn’t too symetrical.
    We will be having our family photos taken very soon. We are just waiting for the newest addition to arrive (which is any minute now). The last time we had a real family photo done we only had 3 kids!

    Great tackle!

  8. My decorating skills revolve around family photos too. 🙂 Those are really nice pictures though. I love the way they are hung like that. All the kids around the family photo.

  9. Great looking tackle!!

  10. They look great! There’s something about being surrounded with the smiling faces of the one’s we love that is better than any fancy decorating!

  11. I agree with you 100%!!!

  12. What a great set of photos!

  13. I seriously need to update our wall photos. I am so behind on anything picture related right now.

  14. I need to get my photos up too! I like they way you have them hung in different sizes of frames!

  15. Very nice! They really brighten up the wall.

  16. It looks great! 😀 I made dh finally put up the photos before my parents came. 😀

  17. Great photos!!! I love them. Your children are beautiful!

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