DIY Vaporizing Chest Rub with Essential Oils

A special welcome to those of you here from The Confident Mom. Are you ready for another fantastic Detox Your Home day? I’ve already put a few new “to try” ideas on my list just from yesterday’s posts!


The tell-tale cough. The tightness in the chest. Bleh. Regardless of the season, it puts Dr. Mom on alert! I’m very hesitant to use any sort of cough medicine with my kiddos other than a homeopathic lemon and honey elixir at bedtime, so I was thrilled to discover an effective alternative with my Young Living essential oils last year.

This Vaporizing Chest Rub has been our go to for chest congestion and coughing ever since, and the marvelous thing about it (other than I know it works, my kids like it, and I don’t fear what’s in it) is that I have lots of oily options for the recipe.

Vaporizing Chest Rub

With Spring right around the corner, it is time to not only detox our bodies, but it is time to also detox our homes. Toxic chemicals are everywhere in cleaning supplies, body care items, pet care products and more.

Our Detox Your Home series provides inspiration to make your own household and personal care supplies naturally with essential oils!

Detox Your Home | Spring Cleaning Blogger Series

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Head on over to The Ordinary Chaos to continue the series and learn how to make your own carpet deodorizer!

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I’m just a mom who has experienced amazing results with essential oils in our home.

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  1. You may want to make a note that peppermint and some types of eucalyptus are not safe for babies and small children.

    • Actually, after much research, a pure peppermint essential oil is much safer for babies and small children than, say, Tylenol. Always dilute, of course, and use a minimum, but it remains my fever go to without any guilt. It’s also very effective for tummy troubles. Of course, everyone has to be responsible for their OWN research and doing what’s best for their OWN family. :)

      • My information is direct from Young Living. If they say it, I believe it :) After all, I have no degree in anything and I would rather trust the experts.

        • And just so you don’t think I’m against essential oils, I wanted to say that I use Young Living as well, and I love it! I just tend to be super cautious with my kids. I think it’s important to note that a lot of the Young living “recipes” out there are made by other members, not by Young Living themselves, and they don’t always do their research.

        • You and me both! I’ve been digging through resources written by mid-wives and nurse practitioners who use YLEOs with their patients. In the end, it is always best to exercise much caution with babies and small children. Heavily diluted and occasional use when needed works for me. Also, I’ve never had reason to use this rub on my littlest, and I only started with EOs when my 3yo was two, so I’ve never had to think about that! (I have used peppermint on her feet, though, to bring down a fever. Worked great and I’ll do it again if needed.) Thank you for making me think and think again today! I edited the post with a “caution” statement.

    • Jennifer says:

      I think that using what you have and are comfortable with is perfect. Out of this recipe we only have RC. So I’ve used RC mixed with coconut oil on our daughter. It works really well. I need to get some of the others so that I can get all the benefits though. Thanks for sharing this Amy!

  2. Upon further research, wintergreen also is not safe for babies or small children.

    • Again, adapt the recipe to use the oils you feel comfortable with. There will be LOTS of conflicting resources out there. :)

  3. Nia Hanna says:

    Hi Amy,
    I was wondering if you or anyone of the oily families are confident cleaning up mice droppings with Essential Oils? I must admit that most things I read say to use a bleach mixture. I do keep a jug of bleach handy, though it can easily last 6 months or more. We used to go through a gallon of bleach per month several years back. I’m just curious how others deal with cleaning up after rodents. Are you all using your precious oils to clean up after them? Who’s still using bleach? Am I the only one?


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