VanCamps Baked Beans Showdown

“Aunt Amy makes the best baked beans!”

You’ll have to visit Tricia’s story over at Once a Month Mom to get the lowdown on how this all started, but let’s just say we’re a little picky about our beans here in Kansas.  My baked beans are the best baked beans and I’m out to prove it!

Hence, a little friendly competition.  Bring on the Van Camp’s Baked Beans Showdown. YOU, my friends, are the judges! That’s right ~ Tricia and I want you to decide who really has the best baked beans. Here is how it is getting done:

We are looking for anyone who wants to follow the below listed criteria for the contest. You have until Friday, June 4th to complete the set of tasks and follow the directions.  Nine participants will be drawn to receive a $50 Visa Gift Card.  Here is how you can enter to win.

The Recipes:

Amy’s Finer Things Baked Beans with a Kick

Once A Month Mom’s Baked Beans

1. Cook both baked bean recipes using Van Camp’s Pork & Beans as your brand for “pork and beans”.  (This is important to create consistency among the dishes).  Please follow the recipes exactly as written, unless you need to make 1/2 of a recipe or double it for a crowd.

  • You do NOT have to make them on the same day. It is up to you “how” you sample them and with whom. We have, however, created the contest to run over Memorial Day weekend so perhaps you can get your friends and family in on the fun.

2. Declare a winner:

  • Write a review of the baked beans recipe on your blog OR if you don’t have a blog, post your review on the Van Camp’s Baked Bean Showdown Facebook Event Page.
  • In your review declare which recipe was your chosen winner and why. We are curious what the deciding factors were!
  • Get creative!  Vlogs, photos, and lots of commentary are encouraged.

3.  Link up your post!

  • On Tuesday, June 1st stop by Once A Month Mom (You will have through Friday, June 4th at midnight (CST) to link up your post) OR if you don’t have a blog remember to post your review on the Van Camp’s Baked Bean Showdown Facebook Event Page.

**If you have questions or concern on your approach, you can consult Liz of Hoosier Homemade who has agreed to act as Queen Judge/Referee for this contest! Thanks Liz!

Don’t worry, Tricia and I are working on developing our thick skin these next few weeks.  We promise we can take the critiques! After all, what is a good showdown without war wounds to show your pride?

We will announce winners on Monday, June 7th along with a linky for you to link up YOUR favorite baked beans or other summer cookout recipes.

**Disclosure: This contest is NOT part of a product campaign. It was born out of the conversation below. However, we are extremely grateful to ConAgra Foods and Van Camp’s for stepping up to the plate to be a sponsor of this event when we contacted them!


  1. You guys are SO fun! I love it!

  2. Oh! This is AWESOME! I gotta have a party! Off to plan…..

    FUN! FUN! FUN!

  3. Ooooh! I think I’m in! My church is having a big shin-dig the last Sun of May and I could try the recipes out on lots of people…

  4. Cute! You really do grow them young! 🙂 (We have the same stroller by the way!) So excited about this!

  5. Eunice B says:

    Would love to participate, but they don’t sell VanCamps locally. 🙁 Quite a fun idea though! 🙂

  6. Eunice B says:

    you mean they could order just what I need and not actually start carrying them in the store? I never thought of that, if that’s what you mean. 🙂

  7. How fun!! I remember watching the twitter stream unfold that day … Can’t wait:)

  8. I am very sorry, but I have to humbly disagree with you both. As a Boston girl (originally, but now an Okie) I believe I can authoritatively say that the best baked beans NEVER have canned beans in them. They’re made from scratch in an authentic Boston Baked Bean Pot. They take about 24 hours to make, but they are well worth it. Nothing can top the real thing! 🙂
    I’d be happy to share my recipe if you want to try REAL baked beans!

  9. I’m in-may the best beans win!!

  10. I just emailed the recipe to both of you. Let me know what you think!!! Enjoy!

  11. Right on, Beth!!! That’s my idea of baked beans. Nothing like Franks and Beans in Beantown. 🙂 (But, lacking that, I prefer canned Boston Baked Beans to any of the “pork ‘n beans” varieties… though, to be fair, I’ve never tried Amy’s or Tricia’s…)

  12. I’m another from-scratch baked bean gal, particularly since we don’t eat the “pork” of “pork and beans.” Since there isn’t an option for making these recipes porkless, I won’t be able to participate.


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