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Use It Up {A Fresh Start – Meal Plan}

What are the statistics?  Is it that 40% (or some other insane number) of the food Americans buy goes to waste?  That.Is.Crazy.  I’m pretty sure it’s not that bad around here, but I’ve sure felt the guilt when cleaning out the fridge a time or three.

One way to get a fresh start in the new year is to use up what you have.  What’s lurking in the depths of the deep freeze?  What’s hanging out in the back corner of the pantry?  January is a great month to dig it all up.  Get creative with what’s on hand and maybe save some cash on groceries in the process!

We started our little pantry challenge last week, and my people are none the wiser.  I haven’t been to the store since December 23.  My husband made a quick run for stomach bug supplies (gag), and my aunt picked up some flour and sugar for me one day (hmmm, must have had a cinnamon roll [3]hankering).  We’re nearly out of fruit and veggies now, though, so to town I will go tomorrow.  Hopefully it’ll be a quick trip.

Here’s what we’re eating this week.




With all the illnesses flaring up everywhere (is it rampant where you live?!) I feel the need to keep meals both simple and rich in fresh fruits and veggies right now.  Lucky for me, that’s our kids’ favorite kind of eating.

Anyone else cleaning out the fridge and pantry in January?  Find anything interesting lurking in there?   (I’m fairly consistent about planning our weekly menu, but really bad about posting it here.  Should I be better?  Do you find it helpful at all?)