Unplug {A Fresh Start}


That one little word, that one big thing, every once in a while, will make a huge difference.  A difference in our mood, a difference in our productivity, and a difference in the relationships that are right in front of our nose, clamoring for our attention. 

Perhaps one unplugged day or even an evening a week, or one hour a day?  Maybe leaving the phone at home when you go to the park with the kids?  Or even leaving it in the car?  It may be helpful to even set a timer during the day.  Give yourself 10 minutes of online time for every 50 minutes of productivity.

We all have different situations.  I still don’t have a smart phone, so I am completely unplugged when out and about.  No kudos to me, though.  I keep my laptop handy (too handy!) at home.  I used to read books while nursing my babies.  Now I tweet/facebook/skype/blog/work/browse the internet while nursing (when I’m not reading to or playing with the little guy).

It’s not a bad thing, having access to all sorts of people and information.  I was grateful the other day that I could look up a recipe, chat with friends across the country, and order TP (with a coupon!) to be delivered to my door all with a few clicks of the keyboard.  It’s fabulous!  It’s simply not necessary, and maybe not all that good for us, to have access to, well, everything at all times!

One of the things I’m working on in my own Fresh Start is to unplug more often.  My family is worth it.  I’m worth it. 

Do you have a strategy for unplugging on a regular basis?  What works for your family?  (The kids, too!  Mine are getting older and we’ve had to work on boundaries.)

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  1. My husband and I spent the past four days on a get-away discussing goals for the year. One thing we did last year (for awhile) and are going to try again this year is to declare a day of the week (or an evening) “Media-free Monday”. No computer. At all. It can all wait at least 24 hours.

    We just spent Wednesday through Sunday holed up in a little honeymoon cabin with no email or internet. And when we went through all 119 emails awaiting us back home, we realized that truly none of it was urgent and maybe much of it was unnecessary.

  2. I’ve had to set these guidelines for myself…

    No Internet in the mornings or evenings. Mornings are when I tend to be most productive, so I TRY to focus my attention on a morning routine of cleaning, getting ready, etc. And evenings basically encompass the time between kids getting home from school and when my hubby is ready to call it a day.

    So, I browse the Internet & check e-mails in the afternoon, after I’ve finished “desk work” (paid bills, made important phone calls, etc). I keep a Internet “to-do list”, which helps me from getting distracted during the mornings & evenings. If extra time is needed, sleep is what I must sacrifice (so I’ll either get up early or stay up a little later).

    Now… I’d like to tell you that I am diligent about following these guidelines but, alas, I do fail. But on the days that I do follow through, I am always rewarded with peace-of-mind that I kept my priorities in check. Which translates into a happy Mama and a home that runs more smoothly, amen!

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