Two {Finer Things Friday}

On Tuesday afternoon, grandma and grandpa showed up at the door.  “Load up!” they said.  And three did.  We were left with two.

It’s been awhile since we’ve had only two! She’s, of course, pretty attached to mama and doesn’t know any different.  He, though… he’s been busy coaching football practice.

Yes, coaching.  And according to my sources, he’s shown the guys a thing or two.  “Ball!” he’ll yell, when there’s a fumble, and then pounce on it before any of the 24 on the team.  Oy!

He helped with our Azure drop yesterday.

We surprised him by eating at Pizza Hut buffet.  “I can go as many times as I want?!”  I don’t remember the last time we spent an hour in a restaurant!

Two isn’t quiet.  Two is a middle child finding his voice without sibling competition.  Two is a seven year old jabbering non-stop.  Two is easier in and out of the vehicle.

Two has been a Finer Thing, but two is missing the other three.  Time to come home!

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  1. How sweet… Love the photo of him holding his sister!

  2. Such a beautiful picture of just the two! I remember when my #1 went to school, #2 suddenly became quite talkative. Surprise!

  3. My mom also took my older two kids (3 & 1!) away for a week, so that we could rest with the new baby and recover from my c-section. It was bliss, but we did miss the other kids. Enjoy newbornhood. I know we are!

  4. We have two children and yet we still don’t always end up with one-on-one time. I remember thinking that if I ever had several children it would be nice to now and then, do something with just one at a time.


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