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Trick Or Treat {Finer Things Friday}

This morning I grinned and then nearly shed a happy tear over an email from one of my aunts.

Just wanted to tell you that your yearly visit to Grandma & Grandpa’s [3]each Halloween is the highlight of their year….I truly believe !! 🙂  Mom was so excited to see your children in their Halloween garb….she just bragged, bragged and bragged some more…..time and time again….they were so CUTE she kept saying….I think “your children” were the whole topic of our conversation last night !! 🙂  Anyway….you made their day and I wanted you to know that!  Maybe you could dress them up on New Years, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s Day, May Day……every little occasion and take them to the farm and make G’ma’s day !! :) happy

And that right there, my friends, is why we do Halloween.

After our annual “right after school” trip to trick-or-treat my grandparents, a couple aunts and uncles, and my in-laws (they all live about 30 miles from us) we return to Tiny Town and hit the streets.  I don’t know how many times last night we were thanked, and thanked, and thanked again for stopping by.  We were asked in to many homes, and had a family picture taken in our librarian’s front room.  Apparently it’s therapeutic to see cute kids in costume.  😉

Halloween is a community event here.  We are expected to show up on every doorstep, and the ones we miss are sure to scold the next time they see us around.  “We missed you Halloween night!”  One sweet widow asked, toward the end of the evening, “Are there many out?  I haven’t seen too many.”  I wanted to blow a whistle and yell to everyone on the streets to stop by Mrs. S’s house!

Several times last night we joked with various families that we live in Tiny Town 364 days of the year, but on Halloween night it seems awfully big.  We physically can’t get to every lighted porch in one evening, though our 2 year old monster would have tried all night!

I’m thankful today that Halloween is so much more than a sugar fest around here.  It’s a community ministry.  (Now, please pass the chocolate…)

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