Tired Farm Girls

Naptime at Papa and Grammy’s after “working” on the farm.

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  1. great little farm girls

  2. So beautiful. Swing by my site to check out my photo too!

  3. Gorgeous girls!!

  4. Oh, what a sweet picture! Very cute!

  5. Ahhh…so tired:-) Great picture!!

  6. Adorable little girls!

  7. LOVE the overalls! There’s the happy expression & tired out feeling of a good day’s work. 🙂

  8. So sweet!! My husband’s grandparents have a farm so I may have similar pics when my daughter is a bit older. Too much fun!!

  9. That would wear me out too!

  10. How adorable! She definitely is tuckered out. 😀

  11. Sweet … Its so Wonderful when they wear themselves out.

  12. Beautiful girls!

    Happy WW 🙂

  13. They must have worked hard to pass out like that!

  14. Whenever our kids fall asleep like that, our common response is: “We Won!” Of course, there are those times when it is a short lived victory and we crash as soon as we can get to a bed.

  15. Oh, I love that picture! It reminds me of one I have of my three in their overalls.

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