Tiny Town Snow Removal

We have a long driveway.  A really long driveway for Tiny Town standards.  It comes in handy for bike riding and scootering and such. Not so handy when it’s buried under 14 inches of snow with 2-3 foot drifts.

Clearing this little path took us (um, you know “us” doesn’t mean “me,” right?) 60 minutes and a lot of sweat.

Enter Tiny Town Knight in Shining Armor Yellow John Deere.  “Hey!  Want me to do that for you?”

Um, okay.

We’ll watch.

Do I need to mention that we hadn’t officially met this Tiny Town resident or his BobCat driving son who worked with him?

I most certainly will mention that they charged us nothing to clear our driveway.

Told ya we have a really long driveway.

Tiny Town people are the best, I tell ya! And you can bet I’ll be showing up at their doorstep with a pan of these real soon.

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  1. That is AWESOME!

  2. They have these fancy newfangled thingamabobs called “snowblowies” or something like that, you know…

    Come on! Even Midget has her own snowblower!!!


  3. p.s. That’s so nice!

  4. p.p.s. Have I ever mentioned that I’m a smart-alec??

    Because I am…

  5. Unfortunately we don’t know anyone like him in our tiny town. We have a very long driveway and it’s $106 (with tax!!) every time we get plowed…and we had to be plowed out 7 times this winter! My DH used the snowblower the first few years we were here and it took him just under 5 hours to finish…so we finally broke and got a contract this year. Not finding my DH dead from a heart attack trying to plow us out is priceless! So, I can see why you are so grateful! What great people!

  6. God’s favor surrounds you as a shield! What a nice unexpected blessing!

  7. Unfortunately for us “down South”, we wouldn’t know snow if it walked right up to us and smacked us on the face and said “Boo”!

    I know that is is a lot of time and money for you to have to contend with, but goodness….it’s so beautiful to look at. I hope that we can travel at least once this year and actually see some snow!

  8. We take care of the snow in our relatively short driveway by parking all four cars (my, hubby, two roommates) in the driveway as soon as the first flake begins to fall. Then in the morning we all drive our cars out and shovel up the leftovers. It also leaves room on the street for the plows to come through.

    Did I mention that our first and only real snowfall came on March 1st this year and had melted away in three days?

    Your neighbors TOTALLY deserve the cinnamon buns!

  9. What a blessing! 😀 Y’all definitely got a LOT more snow than we did. WOW!

  10. What great neighbors! I love people like that. What a blessing.

  11. Wow, look at all of that snow .. better you than me. That was really nice of your neighbors!

  12. Snow still! WOW…. I’m sure ours is gone now! I hope! Very nice of him to do that! And those cinnamon rolls look AWESOME! I’m sure they will appreciate them!

    Mom All Day 🙂

  13. Wow! That is alot of snow! My boys would LOVE to watch that! That is his favorite piece of construction equipment! I just showed him your pictures and he went to find his toy that looks like it!

  14. How nice was that!

  15. Oh I totally hear ya on this one! I love tiny towns!

  16. My 3 thoughts: What a wonderful neighbor! Wow, that is a long driveway! Wow that is a lot of snow for March!

  17. We have a neighbor with a tractor that does the same thing for us. We love him.

  18. oh how I miss the snow!!!!

  19. Isn’t it fabulous having neighbors with big farm equipment? I love living in the country!


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