This is my random life.

This is what I made this morning in protest to my oven element going out the other day. Related: you really can buy most anything on Amazon!

This is why I can never take myself too seriously. My most recent FB update:


This is what I’m reading. Don’t judge by the cover (my least favorite part of the book), because I bet the contents aren’t what you think! Most certainly a must read for every parent, parent-to-be, grandparent, and anyone who loves children. I’ve been challenged, encouraged, and entertained, and I haven’t even reached the teen section yet!

This is what the UPS man delivered to my door yesterday. It’s next up on the reading list. Yes, really. We are going to go there, and don’t you wish you could be in on THAT class?!

This is my littlest monkey. Awake too early. On top of my counter. With a peanut butter face. My heart hurts I love her so much. I catch myself grinning and shaking my  head at times, “God, you are so good.”


This is me getting completely out of my comfort zone. You can view the full class here.

This is still happening through Friday night!


This is my bonus gift to you when your order ANY Premium Starter Kit now through September 30. You pick the style!

This is where I’ll be this weekend. Friends, it has been six years (years!) since I’ve left my family for an overnighter. And now I know why. It takes a LOT OF WORK to plan for mom to be gone for 4 days, OHMYWORD. I’m trying not to have a come-apart about missing my daughter’s last jr. high home volleyball game. I DON’T MISS THINGS. But I couldn’t miss this earned trip opportunity, either. We’ll all manage. The kids will be in good hands. My 9yo is over the moon that they get to eat at the concession stand Thursday evening (instead of mom’s packed supper). I will meet new friends, be pampered and inspired, learn so much, and get to eat my meals hot without anyone drooling on them. Winning.




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  1. Random comment, but we just moved into a house with a similar backsplash as yours, but the grout is dark and I love the look of your lighter grout. Researching how to change that now. 🙂

  2. Hannah Beth Reid says:

    This is a fun update! I hope you enjoy the time away, despite the stress of preparations!

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