The Tyrant

The Tyranny of the Urgent hit our home at 2:30 a.m. New Year’s Night.  I met him at the boys’ door.  With The Bucket.

Yes, that bucket. And for the astute; why yes, the very same night that it was 58° in our house. Happy New Year!

As I lay very much awake until the early morning sunrise, ready for every 15-20 minute puke alarm, I was grateful.

I was tired.  I was cold.  I was worried about the baby.  (he’s fine)

But I was grateful, for there was much to be grateful for.  God wraps sleep-deprived moms in a special grace.

1.  Energy and even a sense of humor as I rolled out of bed for the 43rd time in 4 hours.

2.  Deep compassion for my dry-heaving little boy, as I held him until he said “I’m ready, mom.”  (to go rinse.  again).

3.  Overwhelming middle-of-the-night gratitude for how brave my sweet kiddos were being.  And for how I never once all night had to do more than rinse a bucket, rub a back, and hold on to loose hair.  They never missed.  There was never a mess!

4.  Grateful for the 2 a.m. conversation my pitiful, sick little man was having with his sister, who awoke to all the commotion.  He told her he was throwing up, and I made sure she felt okay, because vomit in the top bunk?  Not a finer thing.

5.  Apparently this is a fast-moving bug, because 30 minutes later I was awakened by a 7 year old stampede in the hallway, and a very frightened “Moooommmmm!”  “Run to the bathroom!” I yelled.  And she did.  She made it.

6.  The baby, who was sleeping with me due to the frigid indoor temps, never needed nursed during a vomit session.

7.  Yesterday evening, The Tyrant got a hold of me.  But only once!

8.  And after my personal meeting with The Tyrant, I lay awake again, this time as my hubby took care of our 3 year old victim.  Not much more attractive than a man who can handle his kid’s vomit!  (I was nursing the baby, and it was his turn.)

9.  The three year old?  She got sick, loudly, all. night. long.  And after each episode we were treated to a spirited monologue:  “Daddy!  See, I told you there was throw up in my tummy.  See?  There it is!  It’s all gone now.  I feel better.  I’ll rest my eyes now.  You have to get here faster, Daddy.”

10.  It’s vomit.  An annoying stomach bug.  Here and gone, just long enough to remind us to rely on grace.  To be grateful for the healthy days, because they mostly are.

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  1. What a wonderful reminder. Glad to know your family is on the mend.

  2. I had to smile broadly at #9. Little girls just never give their dads any slack! 🙂 I was the same way and have little doubt that our daughter (she’s 2 now) will be the same lol

    Glad you’re all starting to feel better and may this be the last bug of 2011 for all of you!! God truly does watch out for us most days…sometimes we actually need to be slowed down, though, and we just won’t listen otherwise. 😉

  3. So sorry the bug hit your household, but happy that you’re on the mend and that you can look at it with such a good attitude! I was so sick on New Year’s Day. Just knocked out, vomiting, achy, feverish, the whole nine yards. But I was so thankful that my husband was HOME that day… and that he is so willing to step up to the plate. In the days since, I’ve tried very, very hard to focus on just how good I feel because, you’re so right, most days are blessedly healthy ones. 🙂

  4. I’m so glad they don’t miss. You must be proud. 🙂

  5. It’s so easy to see the negative in our circumstances. I love the “positive” outlook you have on what would otherwise be seen as a “negative.”

  6. Lisa- Domestic Accident says:

    This made me laugh because we had a similar incident on NYE. At 11:59pm, our 5 yo came downstairs and said her tummy didn’t feel good. I jumped up to get the bucket but was too late. At exactly midnight as the ball as dropped, she threw up all over her daddy. I know I married the right guy when I called out “Happy New Year!” and we were able to laugh and assure each other it was not an omen for the rest of the year.

    Hope that was your only stomach bug of 2011.

  7. I love your positivity. 🙂 We had the same bug going around our house, but the kids all threw up in their beds. UGH. I am thankful that it is over and we are all on the mend.

  8. It is making its 2nd round in our house now. Thanks for this post. I feel better.

  9. How wonderful that you have been able to look at the positives not only about the sickness but about your furnace going out. Thanks for sharing the positives. I hope everyone feels 100% very soon.

  10. Oh no! I feel you, ‘The Tyrant’ hit our 5-year old at 3:47 am, New Years Eve (well I guess technically New Years Day). A (pregnant) me on Saturday Night. And at 1:17am Sunday Night it hit our 2-year old. At least it short lived!

  11. Sounds like a rough time:-(

  12. #2 almost made me cry.

  13. 🙁 There is nothing worse than the stomach flu. I had it about a month ago and I got it really bad. Fortunately I was the only one who got it in my family. I’ll tell you what, though…it is 10 times worse when mama has it than when anybody else in the family has it. Because we all know that if mama is down and out, everything else is a disaster! On the bright side, at least you should be done with that bug for the season!

  14. laughter….tears. streaming. down. my. face.

    you have been in my house, we have lived each of those 1-9!

  15. So sorry about the illness…I only have a two year old and we have yet to deal with an episode of this (fingers crossed). I am curious though, did the baby catch it? I am pregnant now, and wondered if babies were susceptible to bugs like that?

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