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Yesterday it hit me. June 10. I’ve said for months that despite his/her July 16-22 “due date” (due date, schmoo date), with my past experience, this baby will likely arrive on or before July 10.

Friends, that is one month away.  If I’m lucky. (Yes, I’m the crazy lady who insists, even in the last weeks, that babies are much easier to care for in the womb and would just as soon leave them there a little extra. I’m also the lady who has her babies at 37 and 38 weeks, so nevermind me.)

I’d like to tell you I’m getting all my ducks in a row and am ready to rock and roll, but just take a look at my most recent Facebook posts for a dose of my reality.

FB1 FB2Things are going smashingly around here! PS ~ Seasoned Meat Tenderizer in scrambled eggs actually works! No one even noticed. 😉

Truth be told, I am somewhat excited about my freezer tally, though.

freezerWhenever someone comes over and sees the results of me doing everything but getting my home ready for my baby, at least I can point them to the freezer. I even forgot the 6 dozen or so muffins in there, and today I added cooked rice. Tomorrow I’ll double some chicken spaghetti and add a pan of that. So, we won’t starve.

Also? You may want to follow my Facebook and/or Instagram accounts for sporadic entertainment and updates since blogging seems to be a bit too much right now.

Since I’m 35 weeks pregnant, kids have swim team every morning at 7, baseball/softball on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, library on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, harvest is coming next week, we hosted three of my nieces for a sleepover, and we’re trying to cram in all of the appointments for all of the people in this home in the next 2 weeks, the next insane logical thing to do (of course) was to schedule an Essential Oils class at my house this coming Monday. But of course!

It may sound insane, but having company over and having a deadline (a safe deadline, which is anything before July 1) to prepare will absolutely help me get this house in order in the next few days. I’m actually quite excited! (If you’re local/semi-local and want to come, shoot me an email for the details).

Excited also because the lady visiting her mom for the summer who is giving my kids swimming lessons to polish up some things for swim team has fond memories of our home because when she was little it was her aunt and uncle’s. (Yep. We live in a Tiny Town and a Small World.) She’d love to see the changes, and the things that haven’t changed. Like our bedroom. For real. <——– Motivation.

It’s quiet in this space. I know.  I can’t promise a change in that anytime soon, but I do miss you and I do still have giveaways and a whole list of other posts for you. Not gonna lie to you, friends. When I get time to write or sleep, I’ve been choosing sleep. It’s better for all of us, trust me, but I will work to get those done, especially the giveaways, soon. We need to celebrate some winners!

Thanks for hangin’ in there with me, and be careful what you sprinkle in your scrambled eggs!

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  1. Love this post and the cute purple baby bump! It’s a good thing you’re choosing sleep over blogging. With all of your busyness it sounds like you don’t get to choose extra sleep very often. It does sound like everyone is enjoying Summer though, so that’s always a good thing.

  2. I just love, love, love reading your blog! Posts like this (“keepin it real” posts) make my day. God bless you and your crew- may you have His joy today and every day 🙂
    Ps. I’m also one of those crazy gals who are never in a rush for baby to come 😉

  3. Because I can’t get Facebook at school and because I can’t remember what I need to do 5 minutes from now (and I am not even pregnant), wanted to let you know that we will be in town evening of the 19th and staying through the 24th. Let us know if you need anything. I am sure the girls will get together.

  4. I love reading your blog and still check in everyday just to see if you posted anything! I’m the same with you I tend to “cook” my babies a little quicker, delivering all three between 36-39 weeks. God bless you and your family and the bundle of joy to come!

  5. Aww, wish I could come to the party! I was just wondering how you’re doing and figured you’d probably hit that last trimester (during which I moved slower and slower and slower.)

    Lovely bump. Makes me want to be preggies again.

    My baby is working very hard on walking. Yes. At not quite 8 months.

    If we get back to Kansas this summer, I want to see you. And ALL those kids. SIX KIDS. Mercy.

    That’ll be me before I know it. : )

    • If you come back to Kansas this summer and don’t tell me, then you are on my list! (Not the good list.) Keep me posted! 🙂

  6. Rebecca says:

    Did you get all your Mother’sDay giveaways done? Hadn’t heard or seen anything in a long time.

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