The Runaway Garden {Frugal Gardening Linky}

Somebody remind me to plant fewer squash next year, okay?  This is what I picked tonight.

I’m sure there are more zucchini lurking in the vines, but it was getting dark (the only time it’s not 120° out) and they were well camouflaged, as my 5 year old would say.  And yes, sadly, that is how our grass looks throughout the yard.  Still no rain here, and the sprinkler simply can’t keep up.  We are waving the white flag.

My daughter’s favorite fajitas will soon be a frequent summer meal, as will stuffed peppers.  Yum!

I’m just thrilled to have something to harvest other than squash and zucchini!

Speaking of squash, this is a new-to-me variety, Texas Indian Moschata Squash.  I have no idea how to fix it or what we’re going to do with it, but I’m sure it’s nothing that a few Swagbucks searches can’t figure out.

For those who noticed, why yes, that is growing in the grass and weeds.  We really did try to lay straw down to prevent weeds, but we had no idea how the squash and pumpkins would take over the world!  See?!

The vines are pretty much barreling over and crushing the life out of our pampas grass.  Whoops!

And now that I have proven, once again, my gardening cluelessness, I get to display the “gardening guide” button.  Forgive me.

Ready to link up your gardening progress?  Before you do, be sure to take a look at what Smockity Frocks and her kiddos are feasting on out of their garden.  Sadly, Phoebe from Getting Freedom won’t be joining us this week.  She is with her mother, who is battling her spreading cancer.

Please note, our next gardening link up will be Wednesday, August 31, as we move to monthly linkies instead of weekly.  You only need so many photos of my squash and dying grass!

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  1. Lenetta says:

    I spent yesterday weeding the daylights out of the big garden at Grandma’s. I’m sore and exhausted today but it was worth it!

  2. “And now that I have proven, once again, my gardening cluelessness, I get to display the “gardening guide” button. Forgive me.”

    You are funny! I personally think that to succeed at being frugal (or anything really), you have to be willing to step outside what is comfortable to you or that you are already an expert in. You are obvioulsy both learning and succeeding with your gardening, so I think you are a perfect guide.

  3. I love your honesty! I am a first time gardener and although my garden did not yield like I hoped it would, I’m still very thankful for the bounty that we did and still do receive.

  4. I heard once that you never have to actually plant squash or cucumbers yourself – you just need to vaguely know someone that did. There always seems to be abundance of both of those. And, I thought everyone knew that pumpkins and squash will absolutely “take over” if given any opportunity to do so. Loved your picture showing how you have learned the gardening lesson 101. Thanks for the post.

    • I should have clarified. I know they take over, I just didn’t know that we had any in the first place because we didn’t plant them! 🙂 They must have been from seeds from last years pumpkins and such that were buried in the compost. We may need a new plan for that. Ha!

  5. Here are some recipes for your runaway squash:

  6. I only wish I had some of those squash! My squash puttered out due to coastal weather. But!… my tomatoes are gargantuan! I have them in huge pots in full sun with black plastic over the soil and fertilize them every two weeks with something called chickity-doo-doo. They’re loaded with tomatoes and still standing tall and upright (can you tell I’m proud?)!

  7. Last year we had tons of squash and zucchini and so I dehydrated it for soups for the winter. It wasn’t pretty but it was very tasty. I was expecting the same for this year, but we have really had a hard time with vine borers. Our garden is almost done, just a few tomatoes and the okra is left.

  8. We always get tons of zucchini and squash too – I’ve frozen it with good results. I also fry it up – we usually have 1 recipe a day with either zucchini or squash in it during the summer.

    Oh, and giving it away works too 🙂
    Anxious to see what you do this year.
    I checked this morning and our little seeds have just sprouted today (May 17).
    We feature a lot of our gardening on our blog.


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