The Role of Godparents {Faith of Our Children}

We love our extended family, and enjoy being close to them.  Gratefully, our children are right smack in the middle of a whole passle of cousins on both sides of the family, and they delight in nothing more than to hang out with them.

One thing we do to keep a strong relationship between our children and our extended family is to name our own siblings as godparents to the children.  Yes, our kids are baptized as infants, and thankfully, that has been a non-stressor, even in our dual-denomination marriage.  My husband was also baptized as an infant.

Because I am Catholic and my husband is protestant (but does not claim a specific church), we make sure in our selection to choose both a Catholic and a protestant godparent.  Fortunately for us, this has been smooth sailing by just the number of siblings we have on each side.

We did run out of siblings for our fourth baby, and I was giddy to name my own goddaughter as the godmother of our new baby.  Her mom?  My own godmother!  Did you get that?  My godmother’s daughter is my goddaughter and my baby’s godmother.  😉

Just the other night on our way home from a ballgame, our children were clarifying and asking about their godparents.  They claim them, because they are special people!  In a big(ish) family, it’s nice to have a special person to call your own.

My own godmother has been a wonderful influence to me growing up and in my own motherhood.  I remember special times of “just me” getting to spend the night at her house.  I even traveled with her family to Atlanta when I was in college.  That’s the kind of relationship we desire between our own children and their godparents.  Yes, we always want to be the “go to” for our kids, and the number one influence,  but it’s so nice for them to have other faithful adults in their life to form a special relationship with.

We expect big things from godparents, too.  Their role is first to pray for our children, that they will know, follow, and love Jesus above all.  We want them to be available to our children (as much as one can be with families of their own, of course) and to form a special relationship with them.  To be there as they grow up.  To listen to them and do special things with them.

Our oldest daughter’s godfather stopped by on his way home from work right around her birthday, when she was 2 or 3, to take her out for ice cream.  Just the two of them.  What a treat!  She absolutely glowed climbing into her booster seat in his vehicle all by herself.  That’s the kind of event special memories are built on.

We are so fortunate to have extended family who want to be part of our children’s lives and make every effort to be close to them.  To love them and pray for them.

Raising Christian children is a weighty job, and we are happy to have the spiritual prayers and assistance of our children’s godparents for this journey!

If your children have godparents, how did you choose them?  What do you expect from them?


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