The Pitter Patter of Elephant Feet

It goes something like this:

Though we have no plans to leave the house, he insists on socks and shoes in the morning.  I pick my battles, and that’s not one of ’em.  Socks and shoes it is.

Baby girl nurses to sleep, ready for her morning nap.  We’re rocking in the recliner, and the little guy is kept relatively quiet reading, playing, or watching a show.

I stealthly slide from the recliner and walk with my silent feet (I know you know the silent feet!) across the house, on the wood floor, cradling a peacefully sleeping baby, hoping he doesn’t notice us.

And then…


Finger to his nose (for the life of me, he will not move it to his lips) he follows, 2yo feet pounding behind me on the wood floor.

“Shhhhh! Shhhh!  Shhhhhh!”

The pitter patter of little feet in our house?  Sound like a herd of elephants. 



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  1. Ha! Oh, I know the silent feet well! I bet you’ve memorized noisy floorboards, too. 🙂 So… how does little sister do through this? Has she adapted and just snoozes on or is she more easily startled?

  2. Oh, how I remember those days! We lived in a mobile home when my elephant was small, w/ his bedoom at one end and ours at the other. We went through a time of teaching him to stay in his “big boy” bed at night, and woke many a night to his little feet pounding down the length of our trailer to come try get into our bed! Brings a sweet smile to my face to remember that “pitter patter of elephant feet”!

  3. as aggravating as it sounds…i kinda miss all that.. especially right now with extremely hard(er) issues with 16yr old female…I honestly dont think HOW good a communicator you are…IT ALWAYS FAILS WITH A TEENAGER!!!

  4. My parents used to say that after a loud clap of thunder they knew they’d hear “thump! pat pat pat pat pat pat” down the stairs and pretty soon someone would be joining them in bed 🙂

    So did she stay asleep? 🙂

  5. We have a Babar in our house as well. She is 16 now though and still thinks she is “sneaking” up the stairs and wonders how I knew it was her and not her sister (who is VERY quiet)………

  6. Our steps are horrible! I feel like I cannot go upstairs when my kids are asleep. I love the sound of kids feet running around, though. It always brings a smile to my face!

  7. Everynight when the baby is asleep in her room. I take the boys upstairs to go to bed and it is like a heard of elephants on the steps. Really? for the last several months we have had the same routine and I still every night warn them at the bottom of the steps, “your sister is sleeping you need to be quiet!” Luckily she is a heavy sleeper!

    • I think the youngest in the family have to learn to be good sleepers. Those big sibs have a hard time with that whole “quiet” thing!

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