The Past Two (Almost Three!) Weeks

I can’t keep up. <—– Story of my life. A life well-lived, right? 😉 Those of you who follow on Instagram and/or Facebook are going to see some repeats here. Forgive me? Here’s what’s been happening the past almost 3 weeks.


Baby fan club. Seriously, now. my Six Pack all together, swarming around their new baby sister? {swoon}


Full hands. Full hearts. FULL suburban! Headed home from the hospital and the grandparents’. Let’s get this party started!


Speaking of parties, we have a LOT of them in the summer. With baby #6, we now have birthdays on July 15, July 22, August 4, and August 8. Miss 7 requested “donuts and bacon” for her birthday party. (My kind of girl!) Bonus: Happy Birthday harmonica serenade from her Great Grandpa. What a precious memory!


Baby’s first baseball game at 1 week old. She was thrilled.


More ballgames, mom?! We finished our summer basketball season with a tournament close to home last weekend.


Waiting for doc at her 2 week appointment. The weight goal at 2 weeks is to be back to their birth weight. My eating rockstar had already gained a full pound over her birth weight! PS ~ We don’t have a lot of new things for this baby girl (no need!) but I wanted to try the Aden and Anais I’d seen and heard so much about. They were a gift and I’m totally kicking myself for not seeking them out with my other babies. LOVE! (They are huge but very light weight. Perfect for nursing, swaddling, light car seat cover, etc.)

Nap time for mom and baby. She’s not buying it.


Apparently there’s no need for bread when you’re eating Nutella and peanut butter.


Excuse the dirty face. This baby is loved!


You guys, she smiles. Like really, truly looks at us and smiles! It’s so bizarre to have a baby smile at us this early. (If I remember right, I usually have to wait 3-5 weeks for good smiles.) My 11yo sat by us when baby was 1 week old. She (totally kidding) started in on how babies “do nothing but sleep and eat. They don’t smile or play or anything, mom!” Just at that very moment, baby looked at her and busted out the biggest grin. It sent us all into hysterics. SO funny!

Life is good. And sleep-deprived. But truly, I can’t complain. This is the BEST time of year to have a baby since my husband is home, ballgames are done, and school doesn’t start up for another couple of weeks. I am spoiled with a houseful of helpful (when they want to be) children who can do many, many things on their own. I’m getting an (almost) daily nap.  Other than a few freezer meals meant for these days, I haven’t even had to cook anything other than BLTs a couple of times. Family and friends have been generous. Feeling blessed! (Ask me again how I’m doing when school and our busy fall season is in full swing. For now, I’ll remain in blissful denial…)

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  1. Pictures of babies–all is forgiven with the missing posts these past few weeks–the pics are great! Love, love, love the circle of kids around the new one. Also, the nutella pic! How’s Ms 1 taking all the attention on someone other than her? So glad that all is going well and that you are being taken care of.

    • She’s doing well NOW. Really, she just wanted the baby all the time. ALL the time and she screamed if she didn’t get to “hold da baby!!!” It was funny for about 2 seconds. 😉

  2. Congratulations. You are so blessed with your 6 beautiful children. They grow up too quickly. Loved seeing all of the pictures of them.

  3. Keep taking it one day at a time–especially when you have all the help! 🙂 Don’t worry about school and all that. It will be ok! A very pretty baby you have! (And I don’t say that about very many babies…) Great smile already! 🙂

  4. Goodness–I forgot how little newborns are! Our #3 is due in about 2.5 months and with a 7 and 5 year old, I’m sure that this new one is going to seem even tinier! Thanks for the mention of Aden and Anais. We’re over in Japan where the heat and humidity are a force to be reckoned with–nothing like what I remember back in the Midwest! Perhaps some Aden and Anais blankets are exactly what we need. Enjoy your sweet little girl!

  5. You can post pictures any time! I love seeing your beautiful family, and hearing that things are going well. Glad you are getting a little “down” time before fall busyness begins. Thank you for sharing your family with us!

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