The Most Important Meal {A Fresh Start}

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I warned you at the beginning of this series that I’d be bringing up several topics in preach to myself mode.  Oh, yes.  Mama needs to remember to smile! to get moving! to lighten up! to wash the dadgum dishes before going to bed!   It’s good to have a fresh start.

Starting our day with a hearty breakfast, though?  I’m on it.  I’ve long believed in eating Breakfast Like a King, and can clearly remember getting up plenty early to make myself pancakes even as a teenager.  (Yep.  I’m weird.)  Mostly because I can’t function on an empty stomach and don’t expect my family to either, I try to send everyone off with a decent meal each morning.  We eat through about 5 dozen eggs each week.

Overnight Breakfast Casserole

If we’re in a hurry we opt for homemade granola or oatmeal with raisins or other toppings.  If I’m really on my game, I may even have breakfast sandwiches or breakfast burritos in the freezer or thawing in the fridge.  Overnight breakfast casserole is another favorite, and every time I make it I wonder why I don’t do it more often!

This morning it was simply fried eggs and hashbrowns.  I forgot to slice up some pears, and well, out of sight out of mind, I guess.

If you’re wanting to make a fresh start with your breakfast routine, but don’t know where to begin and don’t have any time to spare in the mornings, maybe making breakfast at night would work for your family?  Prepare something ahead of time for grab and go convenience.  Burritos, sandwiches, even smoothies can be prepared ahead and frozen.  Then just eat them like ice cream, or thaw overnight in the fridge if you prefer drinking consistency.

The box of cereal?  Yep, we still have that (most of the time) for “emergencies,” and we aren’t afraid to use it!  We just don’t often have to with a little planning ahead.  (Truth?  My kids enjoy cereal ~ okay, fine, so do I ~ , and I do let them eat it sometimes, but mostly as a snack.  Not for breakfast.)

How do you make sure you get a hearty breakfast in everyone to start the day?

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  1. Make ahead scones. We have been eating them for years but have just recently started incorporating this method into our menu planning. Here is a recipe we recently tried & liked…

    This post also covers how to make them ahead. I make mine like drop bisciuts using an ice cream scoop to put them on a tray before putting them in the freezer.

    There’s nothing like a fresh-from-the-oven biscuit (which is basically what scones are) coupled with a cold glass of milk 😉

    • I’ve always made my scones in the big circle and then cut into triangles. I need to try the “drop biscuit” form for grab and go!

      • Yep, if we’re eating them right away, I always go the triangle route. That was why I initially feel in love with them. Just mix the dough, plop on baking stone and bake, wah-lah! And if I’m really ambitious, I glaze them & sprinkle nuts on top 😉

  2. Stephanie says:

    holy cow – 5 dozen? I am a big muffin maker myself – they substitute in for sandwiches occasionally in the lunch box for my first grader too. With a piece of sausage or fruit to go with – it’s kind of my go to breakfast – I try to make them healthy with oatmeal and whole wheat flour.
    We do eat a lot of hardboiled eggs since those are easy to do in advance.

    • Hard-boiled eggs are one of my kids’ favorite snacks. I need to remember to have them on hand more. They especially like them if I soak them in a jar of pickle juice. Ha! (Yes, when I make pancakes or waffles, I make scrambled eggs to go with. I use 3 for the pancakes and 9 to scramble…)

  3. The key for us? Planning. As long as I have a plan in place, odds are very good we’ll have good, hearty breakfasts. I serve my kids cereal for breakfast once a week– on Sundays, before 7:30am Mass. We have a big brunch after, but I feel like they’re too little to be expected to fast through that. (And since they’ve yet to receive First Communion, it’s really not necessary.) You know I love me some sugary cereal now and then– but I also only really eat it as a snack, not a meal. 🙂

    • We let our kids eat organic, wholewheat animal crackers on the way to Mass. Not a great breakfast, but fast on the move. Wish I could figure out a different, crumb free option. No, none if mine have to fast either, so I do feel they need something before brunch after Mass. I’ll be following this, Amy. It’s Cheerios, milk, and honey almost everyday here…I need a PLAN!

    • Our church schedule varies, and when we have to be out the door before I’m ready, it’s either granola or cereal. I figure a hearty brunch will soon follow, so we’re not hurting too terribly. 🙂

  4. Always been a good breakfast eater–growing up and now. My children on the other hand, some days I have to practically force them to eat something to start the day. But as they are healthy and growing, I’ve decided for the time being to not make this a battle. And though we have cereal in the house (I”m VERY fussy with which kind they eat–they don’t get the sugary kinds), we also use them mostly as snacks. My favorite breakfast is oatmeal pancakes, which I make in mega batches so I can freeze and then re-heat as we want.

    • My middle child is like that. She is just not hungry before school. However, she is also my sweet tooth child and I KNOW she accepts various snacks throughout the day, so I NEED her to eat an egg in the morning.

    • I am like that too. I can never eat breakfast right when I wake up. Even as a kid it made my stomach hurt. I remember reading in a magazine article that sometimes there is leftover digestive juices (sorry, gross I know) which might make you not ready for breakfast right away.

      I always start my day with coffee and then have breakfast an hour or two later though I realize this might n be possible if your kids are off to school by then… Just wanted to say that there might be a legitimate reason they don’t want breakfast 🙂

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