The Home Depot Lithium-Ion Tool {Giveaway!}

Congratulations to Melissa (mtharrison3@), the reciprocating saw winner!

Did I ever tell you about our dining room table?  My husband bought it from our antique/handyman/”junker” (their words, not mine) neighbor five years ago… for $100.  Truth?  Looked like a piece-o-junk to me.  It sat in his workroom in the garage for 3 years, but Lance has amazing foresight and knew we’d appreciate it one day.

Two summers ago, with the help of our handyman neighbor, he “gutted” the table and chairs.  Took everything apart.  Stripped all the wood.  Refinished it.  Put it all back together.

It’s beautiful, and since we’ve had 3 children in the time that it was in the garage, I can now fully appreciate his labor of love.  😉

When I was recently contacted by The Home Depot to see if I’d like to surprise my handyman hubby with a Lithium-Ion tool and Home Depot gift card (shhhh, don’t tell!  Santa’s hiding it in his stocking!) well, “Yes, please!”

Because we have several little people to buy for and try to really focus on giving, we generally keep things pretty mild for ourselves and each other at Christmastime, so it was truly a Finer Thing to surprise him with a lithium-ion reciprocating saw.  (The little dude agrees, don’t you think?)

  • Lithium Ion is a technology that started in power tools in the home improvement sector and now crosses over to additional categories such as outdoor power, paint and flooring. The battery’s technology provides customers with a number of advantages over traditional NiCad battery-powered tools.
  • Lithium Ion batteries produce a consistent charge throughout the life of the battery, can be charged many more times than other batteries and are not damaged by leaving the charger on too long. They feature fade free power for up to 35% better performance.
  • Lithium Ion batteries are lighter in weight, allowing for smaller, more powerful outdoor and power tools.

Honestly, I know so little about what goes on out in the garage that I kind of took a wild guess at what he’d want the he didn’t have.  Usually, if I know he wants something but I’m not sure what that something is, I go with the gift card. And The Home Depot gift cards aren’t just any ol’ gift cards.

There is a Santa’s Apron that plays “Jingle Bells” to the sound of a circular saw and a card that features a Christmas village and comes equipped with a holiday puzzle as a fun bonus. For additional holiday gift cards, visit your local The Home Depot store or shop from here.  You can also get creative with your gift card giving with these options:

  • Exclusive gift card-sized Holiday Tins
  • Group eGift cards on Facebook (clever, right?)
  • Someecards eGift Card Giving ~ These crack me up.  Here’s one for my cat friends:


  • Facebook eGift Card Delivery
  • Mobile Options – Buy eGift Card & Check Balance
  • Plastic Gift Cards Sent in Hallmark Branded Greeting Cards


Speaking of giving… I have something for one of you!  One of my readers will win the very same lithium-ion reciprocating saw that my husband received!  To enter, simply fill out the form below.  (Information collected will ONLY be used to select and notify the winner.  I’m trying to make giveaways easier on all of us.  Feel free to let me know ~ gently~ what you think.)

This will be a fast one, so that someone can have a gift under the tree!  Giveaway ends Saturday night, 12/15, at 11:59 pm.  A Winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email, and this post will be updated with the name of the winner (just as soon as I remember to do that).

If you win, who gets the saw?


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  1. Well, my yummy husband, of course! We don’t gift each other to be more giving to the children, but a give-away win would make him oh so happy!

  2. Awesome!! Simple, quick to fill out, and what a perfect gift to win!!!! Winning! lol

  3. My son! You should see the furniture that he has built for himself! I would love to get him started with his own tools to encourage him to keep up the good work!

  4. My wonderful, hard-working husband! We own our own small construction business. Main focus is on swimming pools in the spring/summer/fall but he does (and can do) ANYTHING in the winter to keep the income coming in. 🙂 He is so handy & is always collecting more tools (when we can afford it). He would love this!

  5. Simple entry…. THANK YOU…….so many times different entry software wants access to my Facebook…..

  6. Your table is beautiful. My husband is crafty so he’d love it. We don’t buy each other gifts generally either!

  7. My hubby! He helps me fix up my “treasures” I find. LOL Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. My husband would get it- and would love it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I would give this to my brother because he borrows ours and it would be nice for him to have his own (Not that we mind sharing, though). 🙂

    I like the giveaway entry you did. I think I saw that on another blog recently. You will have to let me know how you did it and if it is successful for you because I think it would be an easy way to do a giveaway on my blogs in the future.

    • I just made a google form and embedded it in the html. SO easy. It was really nice, too, to have my winner’s info at hand right away. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the chance to win…This would go to my hubby/sons who all work together on some cheapo/neato 🙂 remodeling! I really like the entry form…Easy 🙂

  11. This would go to my boyfriend. He does all sorts of should-be done-in-a-shop projects in our apartment, and I’m sure he’d love adding this to his tool collection. He loves the Lithium Ion batteries too. I got him one for his drill for his birthday, and it works great for him. Another advantage is that it holds its charge a lot better in cold weather, which is important here.

  12. Ohh, I also wanted so say that I like the new entry form for giveaways much more than comments, but I don’t think you should ask for a mailing address just for an entry. That is more info than I would really like to give to enter. An email address, name, and phone number (maybe) should be plenty, and then you can get shipping info once the person has won the contest. I trust you (as a person) not to do anything wrong with the information, but I don’t like to be in a habit of giving out so much personal information on the internet without a really good reason.

    • Yes. I’m wrestling around with that. It was SO nice when I drew winners this morning to already have shipping info to send to the company, but I hear ya. I go back and forth…

  13. My hubby! :~) What a great gift-giveaway!

  14. If I won my sweet hubby would get it!! He is trying to build up his tool collection and we are not buying each other presents this year. This would be a great gift to give him as he works so hard for our sweet family.

  15. My Husband is a DIY to the extreme ! we are always working on a project , Thanks !

  16. what a great giveaway!! Merry Christ-mas!!

  17. My husband would get it but I might use it too! 🙂

  18. My husband is so deserving of a new tool. He works so many extra hours to provide for our family. And on top of that is a volunteer firefighter. He sacrifices his life and spends his time doing for so many. So in his spare time I’m quite sure he’d find some time for this awesome giveaway. Thanks!:)

  19. Beautiful table. Gift for the husband.

  20. My husband…would be nice since he didn’t want us to spend any money on him this year…

  21. I like the easy entry form.

  22. My hubby would LOVE this!!

  23. John Supica says:

    well, my wife and i would have to share this one 🙂

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