The Finer Things of Fall


Snuggling under extra blankets, trading cold drinks for warm, jumping in crunchy leaf piles, cheering the home team under Friday night lights, savoring the last of the garden harvest, laughing at how “all our pants shrunk over the summer”, slowing down long enough to read books and play card games before bed… are all the Finer Things of fall.

It’s a Finer Thing, too, to capture and record those memories.  My children love to look at their memory albums.  One problem:  I have three children and only two of them have albums.  My littlest one points at pictures of her older sister:  “Me!  Me, mom?”  Breaks my heart!  One of my goals this fall and winter is to get back at it.  I don’t make fancy albums; don’t care for the time and money it takes to make those beautifully embellished pages.  And I think it takes away from the story, which is the whole point of creating albums in the first place.  Oops.  Tangent.  My apologies.

But recording memories?  Using your own handwriting to tell the stories that will otherwise never be remembered?  Priceless!

To wrap up our Fall Festival of Fun, Food, and Friends I’m giving away some fall journaling boxes and sticker sets.  Share with us your Finer Things of Fall, either by linking a post or in the comments, and you’ll be entered to win!


What Finer Things (fall or otherwise) are you celebrating this week?  Link up and let us know!  Please leave a link back here and make sure to link to your post and not your homepage.


  1. Funny how that third child’s album doesn’t seem to get completed. I’m in the same boat with you. My oldest graduates High School this year, and I really need to first,finish his and then move to the other two boys.
    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Oh, this really hits home for me! My two oldest have partially completed memory books, my younger two have empty ones. I bought them both the book and all the embellishments, but haven’t even started them! I keep planning to “catch up someday”….I’ve got to just. do. it.

    This has been a wonderful week of fall inspiration! What a great festival! Congrats to you and the other hostesses for a smashing success!

  3. We live in AZ, so “Fall” has not arrived here yet (still 100 degrees). I miss Fall, as we had beautiful Fall’s back in MI. We did go to The Grand Canyon this week and I loved the crisp, fresh, cool air. I too am FAR behind on my albums and look forward to some time to catch up, as I so love to tell the stories behind the pictures. I totally understand and support your scrapbooking philosophy.

  4. A coincidence you wrote about this. My mom wants me to drive back home to spend a week with her going through photos and putting them in albums. All of our hardcopy photos are in albums, but now we have thousands to go through on our computers. Funny how digital cameras are supposed to make your life easier, lol.

  5. i’m 3 yrs behind on my photo albums, and that’s a goal for this winter…i don’t do anything fancy, but i love to be able to keep them all in one place!

  6. Fall is harvest time around here. I am kept very busy picking, freezing and canning. A lot of work but very satisfying to see all you have put up. I catch up on scrapbooking during the winter months.

  7. I love all the Back-to-School traditions. Fall festivals, sports and other activities picking up. Summer is great, but there is something about a nice routine.

  8. I was just telling my friend we needed to take an entire weekend and scrap together b/c I need the motivation to step back into it.
    ~Amy @ Raising Arrows

  9. Fall is definitely my favorite season: football, bonfires, beautiful colors in the trees, cooler temperatures. I love watching my daughter jump in the leaves and be in awe of the beautiful colors in the trees!

  10. Cozy blankets and warm drinks, together with a good book. Those are my favorite fall things!

  11. Those memory albums are so putsy to put together but really important to the kids! It’s basically their personal history.

  12. I know how that goes…I have two and it seems like we have more pictures of my youngest then my oldest. Doesn’t help that SO’s little nephew deleted all the pictures of my oldest from the hospital. It almost seems like all the things I said I should’ve done when he was a baby I have done with my youngest. But I am bound and determined to get every picture I can of my oldest and make them both baby books this winter!

  13. I have some scrapbooking to catch up on as well. Don’t feel bad 😉

  14. I don’t have a website, so I’m leaving my favorite fall thing in the comments section. My favorite things of fall are the breath-taking deep blue of a perfectly clear Kansas sky in September and October, and re-reading the fall sections of any of Gladys Taber’s books about life in Connecticut in her 300-year-old farmhouse. My third favorite thing is when the bean plants finally die and the tomatoes quit bearing!!

  15. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love crisp sunny fall days, apple picking, wearing sweaters, snuggling in front of the fire and so much more 🙂

  16. I was outside with my daughter today when a gust of wind swept a load of leaves down from the roof in a cascade of yellow. My 2-year-old daughter looked up, her mouth dropped open and she ran to catch them. If only I were an artist and could capture that moment on canvas. It was beautiful. At least I have words. In fact, I am going to write that memory down in her book right now. It was definitely one of the finer things of my fall thus far. Watching her rediscover the beauty of each season.

  17. Albums, what are albums?! 🙂
    I haven’t even printed off pics of my 3rd yet (isn’t that terrible)? However, I made a Shutterfly album for Father’s Day & that was really handy because you could just grab the pictures off your computer and put them in the various layouts (and you can make your own too). It came out looking really professional!
    However, I still need to finish “real” albums & love the fall pages and stickers. I should try to plan in some time this winter to get back to my books. Thanks for the reminder!

  18. This week we are celebrating good health. The kids and I were all sick with the flu last week and we are all recovering. It makes me think how truely blessed I am that my children are healthy.

    I love to scrapbook. I have not in a while as I have 2 babies under the age of two so it is hard to find the time. As they get older I plan to do a lot more scrapboooking. I have been taking tons of pictures and ordering prints so they are waiting as soon as I can get to them.

  19. I like to enjoy a game or puzzle after supper with my 5 yo now that the sun sets earlier.

  20. the finer things of fall for me are pumpkin spice lattes, the smell of pumpkin pie baking (or pumpkin pie candles), the weather cooling down, a different assortment of clothes; including scarves, sweaters, blazers and courdoroy, the color of leaves changing, and football.


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