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“We’re having the time of our lives!” he roared in laughter, the rest of us nearly doubled over as well.

We weren’t on a vacation.  Not on a cruise, or at Disney, or even at a swimming pool or a ballgame.

We were sitting around our dining room table, enjoying supper, just the seven of us, fully entertained by a game of “Where’d the peas go?!  I told those green beans to stay on the spoon!” between Daddy and the 2 year old.  No faster (or funnier) way to get that veggie beef soup to disappear.  😉


Suppertime bliss.  It’s hard to capture that these days what with busy schedules, crying babies, and someone needing a drink every 2.7 seconds.  More often than not, I find myself feeding the family, and then collapsing in my own chair with my lukewarm meal by the time everyone else is finished eating.

But those moments, the meals when the stars align and the chairs are all filled at the same time, they are fleeting and sacred!  Five little people gathered around our table.  Seven smiles.  Lots of laughter.

Capture the Family Dinner, friends.  Hold it tight.  Make it happen.  You may just have the time of your life!

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  1. Family dinners are something we try to enjoy in our home as well. My husband has to work late often, so we definitely cherish the ones we get together!

  2. Some of my best memories growing up were around the dinner table. Our kids are still really young {5, 3, 1} but we make it a point to have dinner at the table together most every night {with the exceptions of when my hubby travels or works late}. It is rapidly becoming one of the highlights of our day. Especially as our three year old discovers her comedic side. 😉

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