The Children Are Tender {Giveaway}

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My faithful readers who have long-suffered with my “real life trumps blogging” inconsistencies will recall a promise of “glamorous giveaways” back in May for moms. 

That never happened.

I’ve still promised to share with you some fun things.  So… let’s do Celebrate Summer giveaways instead, shall we?!

The Children Are Tender

You know about my former life, right?  Life before blogging.  Before Tiny Town. Before infertility.  Before five children.

I was a teacher, and I loved it.  My job was my passion, my students my pride, and there were years I thought I’d never leave the classroom.  And then I did.

Welcome to the town of Karola, where the air is clean, the sky vast and blue, and the people have a strong tradition of extending the Golden Rule to all. First year teacher Lydia Birn faces heartwarming and heart-stopping adventures at Karola School as Tommy disappears on the class field trip, Jeffrey risks electrocution by urination, and Brenna refuses to depart from her imaginary world long enough to learn to read. With husband Farmer John at her side, Lydia relies on her faith in God and the support of her colleagues and self-appointed mentors, Abby and Ruth.

Fast forward eight years, and all of a sudden I’ve been home with my family for as many years as I taught.  When author Linda Born contacted me about reading her book and sharing it with all of you, I was excited to go back to the classroom, if only via her heartwarming fiction.

She didn’t disappoint!  I even had to email Linda mid-book to scold her for keeping me up way past my bedtime with tales of a snake dropping from the ceiling tiles, 7-foot tall chickens, and tension between caring teacher and frustrated parent.

I’ve so been there, I thought.

And actually, I had.  See, The Children Are Tender takes place in fictional Karola, Kansas, which is modeled after the very town I student taught in!  Linda was a first grade teacher (or second?  I really think first…) when I was there.  Her daughter found my blog a few years ago and we emailed back and forth “hey, I’m from a tiny town in Kansas, too” “oh, really? what town?” “ohmygosh, that’s where I student taught!  I love that town!” and wow.  What a small world!

So really?  The Children Are Tender wasn’t just a good read for me.  It was a step back into my former life.  A peek into the heart of a teacher, a mom, and a daughter.  A reminder of everything I miss about teaching and all the reasons why I don’t know if I’ll ever go back.

Step into a tiny Kansas town.  See children through the eyes of a teacher’s heart.  If you’re looking for a tenderhearted and humorous read this summer, I recommend filling your tub with a nice bubble bath or propping a pillow on the porch swing and grinning your way through this book.

Linda has generously offered a paperback copy of The Children Are Tender to one of my readers!  To enter, simply fill out the form below.

Giveaway ends Tuesday, June 25, at 11:59 pm.  US addresses only, please.  Winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email. 

What did you do in your former life?  Would you ever go back?  Do you plan to?


  1. Lenetta says:

    Sounds great, thanks for the chance!

  2. I am a retired teacher and my daughter taught 1st grade for 7 years before her children were born. She plans to go back once they are in school. I would love to give this book to her.

  3. I managed an optometrist office – it was fun, but mothering and homeschooling is much more rewarding!

  4. Sarah W says:

    I’ve done many things-cleaning homes, working in a two different book stores, working in a catering kitchen and, the most rewarding, as a teacher’s aid in at a daycare. I never got to finish college before having my own kids and the opportunity to go back has come up. I plan on studying early childhood education and can’t wait to get back into the classroom!

  5. I was a teacher in my former life, couldn’t even imagine ever having a time in my life when I did not teach, and then became a stay at home mom and homeschooling mom! Who knows what the future holds, but our Lord. :o)

    I simply loved my teaching life, but love my wife/mom life even more. :o)

  6. The snake story actually did happen in real life–to my daughter, Melinda, when she was teaching at Emporia Middle School. A snake had escaped from the science department, and plunked down right next to her as she worked away at her desk in the nearly deserted school, after hours.

    • Oh my gosh! One of those “can’t make this stuff up” stories, huh?! That would have given me nightmares, for sure!

  7. merry lu pasley says:

    Everything Amy says about this book is true, you will love it.

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