The Beautician and The Pixie

Two weeks ago I took this photo at a ballgame. It’s SO MUCH FUN for me to have two girlies back to back (for the first time ever!) who aren’t old enough to hate that mom dresses them the same. “We’re Twinsies!”

Note the pigtails on the little one. Take a good, long look.

This is the next picture on my phone of my girl, exactly one week later. (Ok, fine. Probably not the “next picture” but the rest of the week was a BLUR, alright?!)

And my status to go with it.

Friends, there were not enough oils in the world for my initial emotions.

“WHERE is your hair?!” I screamed. Yep, I did. I was FURIOUS. And horrified. And sad. And completely and totally dumbfounded. She waved me happily to her room, skipping ahead of me, just a little nervous glimmer wondering why mommy was coming apart. “In here! Come see!” and dug it OUT FROM UNDER THE BED.

Are you even kidding me?! That is a LOT of hair!

The 4yo Beautician was, by this time, hiding in her bed with the covers protecting her eyes and ears from the Mom of Wrath. She knew.

It took some sobbing, hysterical laughter (because I didn’t know WHAT TO FEEL, okay?!), and a call to my hairdresser (who herself has three little girls and totally FEELS MY PAIN, many times over), to chill the heck out. But eventually (and before 1pm, even!) I remembered:

There was no blood.

All limbs are intact.

Hair was not lost to chemotherapy.

My girl is still wearing a smile. (And she’s super duper cute!)

There are bows for that! And oils. All the oils.

By ballgame time, I was grinning right along with my little local celebrity, and assured Instagram that all was well the next morning.

The funniest comment I got all day long (and there were MANY people, ranging with stupid advice to trying to be sympathetic to actually being sympathetic to stinkin’ hilarious “4yo missed a spot. She should demand a refund,” back to you have no idea) was from a distant cousin who said, “Just you wait. This may not be the last time.”

Ummmmmm, does he even know me?! I have half a dozen children! FOUR girls! He thinks this is my first rodeo?! Nope. But…



You know what? I don’t miss the work of blogging. But GOOD GOLLY GOSH, I miss telling stories! I have another one for you tomorrow. 😉



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  1. Oh, too funny! I remember that day when my kids were growing up… only it’s been so long I forget which child was the beautician and which one was beautified. 😊 I am so glad you have the pictures to remember it and I just love your sense of humor!!

  2. OMG…..I feel your pain. When my girls were younger they decided the youngest need her hair cut too. Some of her bangs were like 1/2 inch long, sticking straight out and we had chunks of hair cut out here and there. Its amazing how scary a Mom can get at that time. The funny part they hide it too but wouldn’t tell me where it was. About a week later I found it in the toy box. Both went in to time out for that one…both for the haircut and not telling me where to find the evidence. Might be funny now but took me quite a while to leave them out of my site and there were no scissors in their hands until they went to school. lol

    • OHMYGOSH. I would have been sent over the edge if they wouldn’t have shown me the hair. Speaking of 1/2 inch bangs… my goddaughter did that, 2 WEEKS before she was the Flower Girl in my wedding. Hahaha!

  3. I laughed so hard because I remember my daughter who had beautiful long candle curls. Eight of them, it was just how her hair laid. People always commented when we were out how pretty her hair was. Somehow and to this day I don’t know how but she got a pair of scissors and at 3 years old she climbed on my dresser and cut off two on each side. She did bring them to us and very unconcerned she had cut them off. I wanted to cry my eyes out. We had to cut the rest off to match. They never grew back like that again. I feel your pain but you will laugh about it years later.

    • Oh. My. Goodness. The curls would have done me right in.

      I seriously have to hold in giggles every time I see her. The short do really SUITS her personality. It’s crazy!

  4. Did I ever tell you about the time I was babysitting my friend’s three year old daughter and she and Elias (also age three at the time) took turns cutting each other’s hair? Elias’ hair was not big deal, seeing as he’s a boy. My friend’s daughter though? Well, let’s just say I was not looking forward to her mama picking her up that day. I remember standing in the hall staring the path of long hair leading to the bathroom absolutely speechless for quite some time. To yell, to cry, to scream, to laugh? When I found my voice, I definitely chose yelling. Laughing didn’t come to mind for a good long time (like two weeks, maybe?). Her mom was gracious, bless her. Fun times, fun memories. (Elias doesn’t remember this, I just asked. But he was quite proud when I told him.) Oy.

  5. Hannah Beth Reid says:

    Thank you for sharing this story with us. I like your conclusion…why do we own scissors? Your girly is still super cute!

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