The Answer


This quote from my Guideposts magazine struck me the other night.  I don’t aspire to be rich and famous.  Really.  And I’m certain that many of you don’t, either.  “do everything they ever dreamed of?”  I’m not sure I even know what that would be!

But it would be nice if things were a little easier, right?  Maybe I could get an uninterrupted night’s sleep?  Have a little more cash in the bank to fix the hole-in-the-wall where my refrigerator resides?  Dig a “real” basement so we could spread out a little more?  Find time to write what I want to write when I want to write it?

There’s always something.

This morning I dutifully awoke to my 6:00 Lenten Alarm.  Growing rather fond of my early morning quiet time, I read about forgiveness and got started on some computer work, determined to finish before the kids come crashing into my quiet.  Three minutes later the toddler comes barreling in… with a full diaper.  Then he’s hungry.  And now his siblings are awake and home for another day.  We’ve already had a fight because “that’s my spot on the couch!”  (Thank you, Mr. Blizzard of 2013.)  Baby girl also played rise and shine an hour before her norm.

Well, then.

I don’t want to be rich and famous, but Mama could use a little quiet!

Quiet?  Solitude?  Time?  That’s not The Answer, either.

When will I learn that The Answer is not about me?  It’s not about what I want, or think I want.  It’s not about what I find on sale or what I accomplish during the day.  It’s not about what we eat, or what I cook.  It’s not about getting My Time.

I can’t say for sure what the answer is for Jim Carrey.  I have no idea, really.

But as a Christian, there is only one Answer, and if changing dirty diapers at 6:17 in the morning is what he wants me to do, then that’s how I’m living my life.  My challenge is to quit fighting it.  Quit begrudging what is set before me when it’s less than desirable at the time.  Rolling my eyes when they are hungry again.  (How much food can these little people eat?!)  Sighing disgust when they are arguing.  Again.

I don’t know the challenges set before you, friend, but I do know The Answer.  In the poop and the power, the money and the mayhem.

As I’m hiding in my bedroom finishing this up before the battery dies, I hear from down the hall, “Mooooommmmmmm!”  Let’s go live this imperfect, beautiful, chaotic, unsure life… knowing The Answer!



  1. What a sweet post! I remember as a mom with young kids reading the verse, “Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” and realizing that it didn’t just talk about Jesus dying for our sins, but ME… daily – minute by minute – laying down what I would like to do… writing, reading, napping, cross stitching, drinking my coffee, whatever… for those precious “littles” that He had entrusted to me. My “littles” are college aged now and I look back on those days with a smile. They remember reading together, laughing together, playing games together, praying together, and isn’t that the point?! Thanks for the memory and here’s a hug for when it’s hard to remember that it’s all worth it!

  2. Amen!! I realize every day what a selfish person/mother I am. I’m so exhausted from being 35 weeks pregnant and I let that become my excuse for not saying ‘yes’ to my daughter more. Thank you for this food for thought!

  3. Thank you for writing this! I needed to hear it. I have struggled with this a lot lately. You did such a great job of putting this into words that spoke right to my heart as a Christian:)

  4. Love this!

  5. This really means something right now – I think I am developing cabin fever from all the snow days! 🙂 In fact, this morning I realized I have only left the house to go to mass on Saturday evening – since last Wednesday! I need to relax and enjoy all the daily tasks. And no, I would never want to be famous, but would love to have enough to build a small house in the country one day, send our kids to college debt-free and give to charity more generously. I also love the fact that in America we have the freedom to pursue our life, liberty and happiness.

  6. Thanks for the wake up call!

  7. Seriously why is “the” spot on the couch so important to a 3 year old??!!? Right now I think no more fights about “the” spot on the couch is the answer to my sanity!

  8. Exactly what I needed to read, right at this moment. 🙂 Thanks so much.

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