That’s MY Bike!

1.  Ten years ago she stole my heart. Just this week she stole my bike.


2.  I don’t remember the last time I rode that bike.

3.  I have a child old enough to ride MY bike!

4.  She was so proud of herself for saving “all that money” that someone {ahem} would need to spend on a new bike.


5.  She’s growing up in oh, so many ways.


  1. <> Time… where does it GO?!?!?

    • Craziness! And really? I’m not SAD about it… it’s pretty awesome having a big kid around here. Not just for “big sis” duties, either. I have FUN with my big kids. 🙂 But wow. Amazing how long that 3 years took to get her in the first place, and now 10 have flown by.

  2. Amy, your story gave me courage when I first found your blog several years ago. And now I’m over halfway through my first viable pregnancy.

    We found out yesterday that very active, hard-kicking one-pound baby we’ve got growing is a girl! Both of us are terribly excited at the thought of a daughter after all the boys we’ve babysat and fostered. Bring on the hair bows and the dolls and the little songs and the soft sweetness that is a little girl. I lay awake last night planning the dresses I’m going to sew for her, and imagining her playing with my dolls and toy dishes, and picturing my husband proudly showing her off in church.

    Only 18 more weeks to go . . .

    And before I know it, she’ll be riding my bike, too.

    • Oh, yay!!!!!! Such fun news! (Let me know if you need me to save anything. I’m purging stuff again…)

      • Oh I’d be happy for stuff! Wasn’t #5 a fall baby, too? We went garage saleing in the Big City on Thursday, but I didn’t find much of the clothes I needed, which is especially heavy sleepers and outfits for the first six months.

        And it would be fun to get together again. (Did you know Angie is about 3 months behind me? : )

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