be thankful
… for you!

Thanks for making this a safe, fun place to share my heart and my disorganized Type Z craziness.  😉





  1. Amy,

    I read your Thanksgiving Tips what a life saver! It never occurred to me to do the turkey the day before but this year I did. I also did the rice dressing and will bake today and I made the gravy last night. It will all taste better since the flavors have time to blend. My daughter made the sweet potato casserole last night and will bake today. All of the big stuff done the night before.

    I got up this a.m. and nothing to put together. The meal will be served on time
    and we won’t have near the clean up to do. When I was telling some friends
    about your blog and this idea they wanted me to forward to them so I did.

    We will do this every year.

    Thank you so much for the idea.


    • I do hope everything went well for you! I had to grin and tell my mom about the attention this post received. We walked in her door an hour before dinner. She sat and visited with everyone and held babies. Everything was READY. 🙂

  2. Everything turned out perfect. We are planning to do again next year. Everyone including husbands, children and guests loved it. They couldn’t
    believe the turkey and gravy had been cooked the day before. The turkey
    was moist and the gravy delicious.

    Best of all no big mess in the kitchen.

    Thanks again,

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