Texas? Really?

I didn’t intend to take a week’s blogging vacation.  Whoops!  No, I haven’t had the baby.  Yes, everyone’s fine.  Yes, life is full and there are stories to share.  Let’s start here. 😉


Last weekend we bought a new-to-us vehicle for the first time in nine+ years.    There is much to tell, if for no other reason than that we would remember and can remind our children that God holds us in the palm of his hand at every time and place, and in every situation. 

Care to go for a ride?

As of last week our family vehicle was an ’01 minivan with 157,000 miles on it.  While happily driving our smooth-riding, paid for vehicle for the last several months, we have been carefully eying the backseat and feeling the crunch as our children get bigger, even without trying to smoosh another car seat back there in a few weeks.  We’ve (and by we, I really mean my husband, who is wisely looking at the big picture while his wife holds our savings tight-fisted) been researching larger vehicles in our price range for months “just in case,” and a few weeks ago made the decision to take our “in 3 years or so” vehicle buying goal and move it on up.

Finding an SUV in our cash-paying price range that fit our needs and our wants was surprisingly difficult!  After scouring online and calling many Kansas dealers, our best bets ended up being in… Texas.  What’s up with that?!  Again, I’m dragging my feet because really, what 35-weeks pregnant woman wants to drive 7 hours away to Texas to look at vehicles?  (PS – Not this one.)

He was so patient with me, trying to direct my multi-tasking brain out of complacency to focus on the car-searching task at hand.  He’d even haul around pages of research as we drove to ballgames, hoping grab my attention while I’m at least physically restrained for an hour by a seat belt.  It was on one ballgame trip last Tuesday that we were talking about our SUV options when we smelled gas.  “Must be the 105° temps.  Must be the vehicle in front of us.  That’s weird.  Wonder what it is?  Is our air-co working right?  It can’t keep up with this heat today!  So are we really going to Texas?  Do we have to?”

The gas smell had vanished on our way home that night, and was completely forgotten about.

Two days later we got out the calendar.  Out of the coming 5 weeks, 2 were free, including last weekend.  The other happens to be less than a month away from my due date.  Considering #4 was born 18 days before the due date, Lance helped me see the light.  It went something like this:  “Amy, you’re not going to be any less pregnant next week or the week after than you are now.  If we’re going to buy a vehicle, it’s time.” 

He was right.  That was last Thursday.  We had an appointment 1 1/2 hours away in “the city” on Friday, and then we would take off for Texas (really?  we really need to do this?  we don’t really want to cram 5 kids in the mini-van and keep on rollin’?)  early Saturday morning.  With all 4 children.  I tried to get in the spirit.

Thursday evening we made arrangements for all of the kids to spend the morning with friends and family while we made a flying trip to town, planning to look at a vehicle ($3,000 MORE than everything in Texas, with all the same specifications – seriously?!) on our way home early afternoon.  We also did some last-minute research to make sure such a long trip was truly in our best interest.  (It was.  Darn.)

We headed to the city bright and early Friday morning, pages of spreadsheets and cars.com info and such in hand to study on our way there.  Too bad I slept over half the trip.  Too bad also that by the time we got to our appointment, we noticed our air conditioner was blowing hot air, on yet another 100°+ day.

Texas?  Tomorrow?  With no air conditioning, a pregnant wife, and four children?  Not gonna happen.  Or was it?

(to be continued…)


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  1. Looking forward to the story! Also? I’m glad you’re back! 🙂 I’m sure you’ve been inundated with emails and messages because, to be honest, I’ve received a zillion myself wondering what happened to you. 😉 You were most certainly missed, my friend.

  2. NewlyWed Wife says:

    Oh I’m so glad you are ok! I was really worried! Excited to hear the end of the story!

    • Awwww, that’s sweet of you to worry about us! But nope… I just couldn’t manage it ALL last week, so dropped the blogging ball.

  3. Meredith says:

    I thought maybe the baby came early! I like how you wrote that you were holding on to the savings with a tight fist….sounds like me!

  4. Glad you are back! Buying a car is the one activity I hate the most. My car just turned 60,000 so I hope I won’t have to replace it any time soon. We always joke that we will be driving her until all our kids are in college…

  5. Jennifer Young says:

    Amy – If this makes you feel any more normal… My husband flew from Pennsylvania to St. Louis to buy our Excursion.

    • Oh my word, that DOES make me feel better!!!! I felt so silly doing this. There are dealerships all over the place (well, within 2 hours) around here, but NONE of them had what we needed for the right price.

  6. LOVE how God leads us out of our comfort-zone and forces us to be adventurous and trust Him. Can’t wait to read the rest!

    • Okay, just realized that wasn’t entirely honest. I really don’t LOVE it when it’s happening. But I do love seeing His hand guide us! (I just had to make a ten hour trip with three kids to find a house without my husband. Totally *not* in my comfort-zone, but it was so wonderful to see God’s hand leading.)

      • No, I totally get what you’re saying! And we had the “is this (and this and this) a sign to STOP or to trust” conversation a LOT during the whole process. God. Was. There. 😉

        And whoa! on the 10 hour trip with kids for a HOUSE. Go, you!

  7. A few years ago we had to travel to Dallas to get the Suburban we wanted, because anything similar, in decent condition, in Wichita was going to cost us $3-5000 more! Glad to say it was a wise investment, it is actually worth a tad more right now, than when we bought it 4 years ago! (Tip, always buy gas guzzling vehicles when gas prices are sky high :))

    My hubby loves older BMWs, his last few have come from South Carolina, Georgia, and then California. They are always at least $5000 cheaper on the coasts than they are in the midwest!

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